Club Penguin Room Furniture Items

By | March 30, 2015

There are a lot of different furniture items that you can get if you play Club Penguin. Some of these furniture items are for different locations, such as your room. Here is a complete list of all the furniture items that you can get for your room if you are playing Club Penguin.


4-Way Puffle Tube
Abandoned Mine Entrance
Abandoned Mine Wall
Acacia Tree
Airport Departures Board
Ancient Archway
Ancient Bench
Ancient Couch
Ancient Recliner
Antique Clock
Antique Post Box
Arcade Game
Arch Ramp
Armor Rack
Badminton Net
Balloon Bunch
Balloon Pop Booth
Bamboo Chair
Bamboo Couch
Bamboo Stalks
Bamboo Table
Bamboo Torch
Banana Bunch Lamp
Banana Couch
Barrel (furniture)
Barrel Chair
Barrel Top
Basketball Court
Basketball Hoop
Batty Chaise Lounge
Beach Ball (furniture)
Beach Beatz
Beach Boards
Beach Party Ball
Beach Umbrella
Big Momma’s Diner
Big Screen TV
Bird Bath
Bird Cage
Birthday Cake
Blue Balloon
Blue Bench
Blue Bookshelf
Blue Chair
Blue Coaster Cart
Blue Couch
Blue Deck Chair
Blue Hydra Head
Blue Lamp
Blue Line Tunnel
Blue Ornament Chair
Blue Table
Blue Tea Set
Board Wave
Boiling Cauldron
Bone Fence
Bonsai Tree
Book Room Arm Chair
Book Room Couch
Book Room Lamp
Boss Desk
Bowling Pin
Box Ramp
Bridge of Destiny
Brushed Steel Fridge
Brushed Steel Oven
Bunk Bed
Burgundy Bookshelf
Burgundy Chair
Burgundy Couch
Burgundy Lamp
Busking Case
C-Curve Ramp
Cafeteria Delights
Camping Chair
Candy Cane (furniture)
Candy Cane Arch
Candy Cane Lantern
Candy Cauldron
Candy Fence
Candy Stash
Captain Cut-Out
Cardboard Herbert
Carousel Horse
Cash Register
Castle Entrance
Castle Gate
Cavern Chair
Cavern Couch
CD Rack
CFC Beanbag Chair
Chalk Board
Check-in Terminal
Chess Castle
Chess Knight
Chieftain’s Seat
Cinema Pod
Circular Archway
Circus Ball
Clam Chair
Classroom Chair
Classroom Desk
Classy Bookshelf
Claw Marks
Climbing Wall
Clinic Entrance
Clothes Rack
Clover Balloon
Coat Rack
Cocoa Cupcake
Coffee Couch
Coffee Maker
Coffee Table (ID 33)
Coffee Table (ID 584)
Coffin Cabinet
Coins For Change Donation Station
Comfy Crab
Comfy Stump
Computer Console
Computer Desk
Congo Drum
Construction Barrier
Construction Pylon
Construction Sign
Containment Cell
Control Terminal
Corner Booth Seat
Corner Puffle Tube
Couch (disambiguation)
Covert Agent Station
Cozy Blue Door
Cozy Green House
Cozy Porch Chair
Cozy Porch Swing
Cozy Red House
CP Air Pilot’s Chair
CP Air Seat
CP Magazine Published Reader Trophy
CP Magazine Star Trophy
CPU Chair
CPU Locker
CPU Student Desk
Crab Treasure Chest
Cream Soda (furniture)
Cream Soda Barrel
Creepy Cottage Cut-Out
Cricket Wickets
Crow’s Nest Back
Crow’s Nest Front
Crystal Ball
Crystal Candy Cane
Cursed Volume
Curved Desk
Curved Racetrack Piec
Dejarik Set
Deluxe Tool Chest
Desert Island
Desert Stones
Designer Log Stool
Diner Counter
Dinner Chair
Dinner Table
Dino Dig Site
Dinosaur Bones
Dinosaur Skull
Director’s Chair
Diving Board
DJ Booth
DJ Table (furniture)
Donation Tube
Door Mat
Double Dunk Chair
Dragon’s Gold
Dressing Screen
Dressing Table
Droid Cleaning Station
Droid Conductor
Drum Kit
Dynamic Drum
Eerie Cave
Elastic Barrier
Electric Keyboard
Electric Stove
Elegant Plants
Emergency Light
Equipment Rack
Evergreen Plant
Exercise Ball
Exercise Bike
Ezra’s Work Bench
Fair Fence
Fair Flags
Fairy Flower
Fairy Tree Stump
Fashion Show Boxes
Feed Fluffy Trashcan
Feed-a-Puffle Booth
Feeding Bucket
Ferris Wheel Chair
Festive Chair
Festive Coffee Table
Festive Fluffy Feast
Ficus Plant
Fire Extinguisher (furniture)
Fire Pit
Fish Bowl (furniture)
Flashing Flare
Flower Planter
Flower Pot
Fluffy Shrubbery
Folding Chair
Food Stand
Footlight Stage
Force Field
Formal Chair
Formal Table
Freewheelin’ Foam Pit
Frost Pillar
Frost Throne
Frozen Ledge
Fruit Pillar
Funky Bookshelf
Futura Stool
Futura Table
Fuzzy Blue Couch
Fuzzy Green Couch
Fuzzy Purple Couch
Galactic Pod Chair
Galactic Pod Couch
Gas Pump
Gate Chair
Gazing Crystal
General Store Front
Giant Candy Cane
Giant Puffle Hub
Gingerbread Chair
Gingerbread Couch
Gingerbread Man
Glowing Cauldron
Gnarled Tree
GNK Power Droid
Goblin Eye
Gold Chandelier
Gold Railroad Corner
Gold Railroad Crossing
Gold Railroad Intersection
Gold Railroad Piece
Gold Walkway
Golden Lava Pool
Golden Lava Puddle
Goofy Jack-O-Lantern
Gothic Candle Holder
Graffiti Arch Ramp
Graffiti Stair Ramp
Grand Piano
Grand Stage Arch
Grandfather Clock
Granite Kitchen Island
Granite Sink
Granite Top Cabinet
Granite Top Corner Cabinet
Granite Top Dishwasher
Granite Top Double Cabinet
Graveyard Fence
Graveyard Gate
Graveyard Plot
Green Balloon (furniture)
Green Bench
Green Bookcase
Green CP Banner
Green Deck Chair
Green Line Tunnel
Green Plastic Chair
Green Plush Chair
Green Screen
Green Vase
Guitar Stand (ID 413)
Guitar Stand (ID 871)
Gumdrop Tree
Hand Weights
Happy Jack-O-Lantern
Haunted House Entrance (furniture)
Haunted House Wall
Haunted Mansion Cut-Out
Hay Bale
Hazard Barrel
Hedge Tree
Hockey Net
Holiday Centerpiece
Holiday Fireplace
Holiday Station Clock
Holiday Tree
Hollow Tree
Holly Jolly Couch
Holly Jolly Tree
Holonet Terminal
Holonet Tracking Console
Home Stereo
Hospital Chair
Hot Drink Maker
Hot n’ Cold Crater
Hut Roof
Ice Age 3000 BCE
Ice Block
Ice Coffee Table
Ice Delivery Sleigh
Ice Dining Table
Ice Lantern
Ice Pillar
Ice Rug
Ice Sculpture Knight
Ice Table
Ice Throne
Imperial Archway
Imperial Holoprojector
Imperial Supply Crate
Imperial Throne
Imperial Wall Panel
In-line Ramp
Inflatable Chair
Inflatable Dragon
Inflatable Lounge Chair
Inflatable Sofa
Inflatable Whale
Inner Tube (item)
Inspiration Station
Iron Gate
Ironing Board
Jar of Eyes
Java Bag
Judge’s Chair
Judge’s Platform
Judge’s Table
Jumbo Remote
Jumbo TV
Jungle Bloom
Jungle Fern
Jungle Flora
Jutting Rock
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Stool
Kiwi Seat
Knightly Shrubbery
Koi Pond
Laboratory Desk
Lamp Post (ID 654)
Lamp Post (ID 867)
Large Aquarium
Large Box
Large Cactus
Large Christmas Tree
Large House Plant
Lava Pool
Lava Puddle
Lazy Bones
Leafy Roof
Leaning Tree
Leather Canopy
Left Princess Door
Lemon Cushion
Lifeguard Chair
LIN Demolitionmech Droid
Lit Stage
Log Bench
Log Cabin (furniture)
Log Chair
Log Drawers
Log Stump
Log Table
Log Wall
Long Puffle Tube
Long Security Laser
Long Solid Tube
Long Window Tube
Lounging Deck Chair
Luggage Case
Lunar Launch Booth
Magic Crystal Ball
Magical Fairy Plant
Maiden Shrubbery
Make and Bake Kitchen
Medic Tent
Medium Box
Memory Cards Booth
Mermaid Cutout
Mermaid Vanity
Merman Cutout
Merry Walrus Snow Sculpture
Merry Walrus Tree
Mexican Vase
Microphone (furniture)
Millennium Falcon Seats
Mini Ghost
Mint Chip Chair
Modern Art
Modern Chair
Modern Coffee Table
Modern Couch
Modern End Table
Monster Archway
Monster Bleachers
Monster Boombox
Monster Buffet Food
Monster Door Station
Monster Eye Pillar
Monster Library Shelves
Monster Library Table
Monster Lounge Chair
Monster Ping Pong Table
Monster Table
Mop & Bucket
Mossy Log
Music Stand
Musician’s Chair
Mysterious Mist
Neapolitan Lamp
Newspaper Stand
Ninja Cauldron
Ninja Gate
Noodle Stand
O’berry Bush
Ogre Fence
Ogre Ottoman
Ogre Table
Old Penguin Monument
Operating Room Lights
Orange Coaster Cart
Orange Inflatable Chair
Orange Inflatable Sofa
Orange Scarf Snowman
Ornate Tombstone
Painted Rocking Horse
Palm Tree
Paper Screen
Party Fountain
Party Platter
Patio Parasol
Patio Table
Paw Print
Penguin Gnome
Penguin Ice Sculpture
Penguin Mannequin
Piano Bench
Picket Fence
Picnic Table
Pineapple Table
Pink Balloon
Pink Beanbag Chair
Pink Chair
Pink Dresser
Pink Flamingo
Pink Lamp
Pink Plastic Castle
Pink Sofa
Pink Table
Pipe Organ
Pirate Barrel
Pirate Diving Board
Pirate Ship (furniture)
Pizza Oven
Planet Lamp
Plantus Fantasticus
Plasma Ball
Plastic Deck Chair
Plush Gray Chair
Pommel Horse
Poodle Plant
Popcorn Cart
Popcorn Machine
Portal Box
Potions Table
Potted Palm
Potted Poinsettia
Potted Tree
Prehistoric Gate
Prehistoric Wall
Presents (ID 140)
Presents (ID 656)
Primal Shark Arch
Princess Armoire
Princess Throne
Princess Vanity
Puffle Bean Bag
Puffle Bubble Tube
Puffle Cannon
Puffle Carrier
Puffle Cave
Puffle Freedom Statue
Puffle Guard
Puffle Jack-O-Lantern
Puffle Kennel
Puffle Paddle Booth
Puffle Pumpkin
Puffle Shop Shelf
Puffle Shop Till
Puffle Shuffle Booth
Puffle Soaker Booth
Puffle Table
Puffle Tire Swing
Puffle Tube Bend
Puffle Tube Box
Puffle Tube Tower
Puffle Tubes
Purple Beanbag Chair
Purple Coffee Table
Purple Couch
Purple Lava Lamp
Purple Pit
Purple Plastic Chair
Purple Plastic Lawn Chair
Radar Computer
Radar Screen
Railroad Corner
Railroad Crossing
Railroad Crossing Sign
Railroad Intersection
Railroad Piece
Rare Flower Pot
Recycle Bin
Red Balloon
Red Beanbag Chair
Red Biscuit Tube
Red Bookcase
Red Bridge Railing
Red Coffee Table
Red Couch
Red Hydra Head
Red Lava Lamp
Red Line Tunnel
Red Plush Chair
Regal Chair (ID 376)
Regal Chair (ID 651)
Regal Table
Regal Throne
Retro Jukebox
Rice Paper Wall
Rice Paper Wall Screen
Right Princess Door
Ring O’ Fire
River Pontoon Boat
River’s Edge
Rock Out Amp
Rocketship Lava Lamp
Rope Climbing Wall
Rosewood Chair
Rosewood Dinner Table
Royal Cannon
Royal Throne
Royal Throne (ID 343)
Royal Throne (ID 849)
Rugged Rock
Rustic Puffle Table
S-Curve Ramp
Sad Jack-O-Lantern
Safety Fence
Sand Bucket
Sand Castle Arch
Sand Castle Wall
Santa Chair
Santa Desk
Santa Hat Snowman
Scare Can
Scientific Table
Scoop Chair
Scorn Statue
Sea Stones
Sea Weed
Seismograph (furniture)
Sewing Table
Shady Lamp
Shell Chair
Shiny Red Fridge
Shiny Red Stove
Ship Deck
Ship Front Left
Ship Front Right
Ship Hull Corner
Ship Hull Side
Ship Shrouds
Ship’s Wheel
Shoe Rack
Short Mushrooms
Short Puffle Tube
Short Security Laser
Short Solid Tube
Short Spotlight
Short Window Tube
Short Wooden Steps
Silly Jack-O-Lantern
Single Flare
Six String Tune Table
Slab Recliner
Slab Sofa
Sled (furniture)
Slimy Tentacles
Sloped Wall
Slushie Maker
Small Box
Small Cactus
Small Christmas Tree
Small House Plant
Small Rock
Smoothie Machine
Smoothie Stand
Snack Stand
Snake Grass
Snow Arch
Snow Chair
Snow Clump
Snow Couch
Snow Deck Chair
Snow Fortress Wall
Snow Tower
Snow Wall
Snowman (furniture
Snowy Tree
Soccer Bean Bag
Soccer Goal
Soccer Net
Sound Station
SoundStudio Booth
Sour Apple Chair
Space Age Lights
Spark Doohickey
Spikey Plant
Spiral Coffee Tree
Spiral Lollipop
Spooky Hearth
Spooky Jack-O-Lantern
Spooky Penguin Statue
Spooky Tree
Sprouting Spectaculous
Spy Car
Stable Stall
Stacking Washer and Dryer
Stadium Bleachers
Stage Curtain
Stainless Steel Fridge
Stainless Steel Stove
Stair Ramp
Starship Console
Starship Seats
Starship Stool
Station Bench
Steel Anvil
Steering Wheel
Stone Arch Ruins
Stone Chair
Stone Column Ruins
Stone Couch
Stone Deck Chair
Stone Fireplace
Stone Gatepost
Stone Keep
Stone Lamp
Stone Lantern
Stone Table
Stone Wall
Stone Wall Ruins
Straight Booth Seat
Strawberry Seat
Student Desk
Sunken Arch
Sunken Pillar
Sunken Wall
Sunset Flowers
Super Puffle Cannon
Super Safe Pylon
Surprisus Maximus
Sushi Table
Swimming Pool
Swirly Lollipop
Sword Display
System Readout Terminal
T-joint Puffle Tube
Table for Two
Tall Grass
Tall Mushrooms
Tall Snowy Tree
Tall Spotlight
Tallest Trees
Tatooine House
Tea Table
Teacher’s Desk
Team Locker
Teddy Bear (furniture item)
Telephone Box
Tennis Net
Terracotta Pitcher
Terracotta Pot
Terracotta Vase
The Count’s Chair
The Count’s Couch
The Glowing Grin
The Laughing Lantern
The Spooky Surprise
Theater Seat
Ticket Booth
Ticket Hut
Tidal Pools
TIE Fighter Chair
Tinker Train Car
Tinker Train Engine
Top Hat Snowman
Tortoise Dining Table
Toy Maker’s Desk
Toy Train
Train Car Present
Train Crossing Sign
Train Engine Present
Training Dummy
Training Hurdle
Treasure Chest (ID 305)
Treasure Chest (ID 810)
Tree Stump
Tree Stump Chair
Trick Or Treat Pumpkin
Trophy Shelf
Tropical Hammock
Tropical Palm
Trustier Post
Trusty Post
Turtle Bowl
Umbrella Table
Unicycle Tightrope
Velvet Rope
Video Camera (furniture)
Vine Swing
Violet Velvet Rope
Volcanic Glass Side Table
Volcanic Glass Table
Watch Tower
Water Trough
Waterfall Pond
Watering Can
Watermelon Sofa
Web Rug
Weight Bench
Wheelie Board
White Plastic Chair
Wilds Puffle House
Wilds Puffle Treehouse
Winners Podium
Wish You Well
Wishing Well (ID 615)
Wishing Well (ID 846)
Wood Bench
Wood Cabinet
Wooden Crate
Wooden Post
Wooden Puffle Swing
Wooden Reindeer
Wooden Steps
Wooden Walk
Writing Desk
Wrought Iron Lamp Post
X-Ray Machine
X-wing Fighter Chair
Ye Olde Puffle Bowl
Yellow Balloon
Yellow Hydra Head