Club Penguin Furniture List – Free, Non-Member, and Pet Furniture

By | March 29, 2015

If you play Club Penguin, then you know there are several different types and categories of furniture that you can get. Furniture can be purchased or be free in the Club Penguin game, so you can still manage to get some spiffy things without spending any money, although the best items will cost you a few dollars. You can interchange furniture items when you need to and you can also come upon some more rare items that not everyone in the game will have access to.

Here is a complete list of all of the floor furniture, free furniture, non-member furniture, and pet furniture items that you can find in this game. You can use this items to increase the uniqueness and individuality of your habitat and provide your penguin with anything you need to match their personality.


Floor Furniture

Ancient Tree
Archaeological Dig Decal
Band Stage
Blue Floor Cushion
Blue Gym Mat
Blue Rug
Bone Bridge
Bowling Alley
Card-Jitsu Mat
Celtic Rug
Court Lines
Dance Floor
Dance Mat
Ectoplasmic Crevasse
Ectoplasmic Pit
Green Oval Rug
Green Rug
Holly Jolly Rug
Home Plate
Ice Fishing Decal
Imperial House Rug
Lava Flow
Magical Garden
Map Area Rug
Mexican Rug
Monster Rug
Nightmare Vortex
Oval Rug
Pile O’ Candy
Pile O’ Goo
Pitcher’s Mound
Puffle Rug
Puffle Stage
Puzzle Floor
Rainbow Bridge
Rebel House Rug
Rebels Area Rug
Rectangle Rug
Red Carpet
Red Gym Mat
Rock Garden
Sabre-tooth Rug
Skating Rink
Sleeping Bag
Speeder Bike
Stone Walk Way
Straight Racetrack Piece
Surf Beach Towel
Swamp Slime
Tennis Court
Torn Carpet
Trap Door
Vampire Throne
Vert Ramp
Watering Hole
Weathered Path
Welcome Mat
X Marks the Spot

Free Furniture Items

Ancient Tree
Banana Bunch Lamp
Banana Couch
Blue Hydra Head
Brown Puffle House
Covert Agent Station
Crab Treasure Chest
Dragon’s Gold
Ectoplasmic Pit
Festive Chair
Festive Light
Fruit Vine
Gold Railroad Corner
Gold Railroad Crossing
Gold Railroad Intersection
Gold Railroad Piece
Holly Jolly Couch
Ice Dining Table
Ice Rug
Ice Throne
Lava Flow
Make and Bake Kitchen
Pile O’ Candy
Pineapple Table
Puffle Cannon
Puffle Freedom Statue
Red Hydra Head
Refreshing Curtain
Santa Desk
Smoothie Stand
Sour Apple Chair
Speeder Bike
Strawberry Seat
Super Puffle Cannon
Tropical Hammock
Vampire Throne
Watermelon Sofa
Yellow Hydra Head

Non-Member Furniture

Arm Chair
Banana Bunch Lamp
Banana Couch
Door Mat
Happy Lantern Light
Pineapple Igloo
Pineapple Table
Puffle Table
Refreshing Curtain
Smoothie Stand
Sour Apple Chair
Spooky Jack-O-Lantern
The Count’s Chair
Tropical Hammock
Watermelon Sofa
Web Rug

Pet Furniture Items

Blue Bed
Blue Puffle House
Brown Bed
Brown Puffle House (ID 205)
Brown Puffle House (ID 665)
Double Dish
Green Bed
Green Puffle House
Grey Bed
Grey Puffle House
Large Scratching Post
Orange Bed
Orange Puffle House
Pink Bed
Pink Puffle House
Puffle Ball
Puffle Condo
Puffle Igloo
Puffle Tent
Puffle Tree
Puffle Washer
Purple Bed
Purple Puffle House
Red Bed
Red Puffle House
Running Wheel
Salon Chair
Scratch Tower
Small Scratching Post
Water Bottle
Water Dish
White Bed
White Puffle House
Yellow Bed
Yellow Puffle House