Club Penguin Wall Furniture Items – Complete List

By | March 12, 2015

When you play Club Penguin, you might have noticed you can get a lot of different items for your room, but they are divided up into categories. One category in the furniture section is the walls, which contain different items such as mirrors or lights. Here is a complete list of different wall furniture items that you can get if you are playing Club Penguin.


Acoustic Guitar Shadow Box
Archer’s Window
Arm Chair
Astro Barrier Poster
Basketball Net
Bat Decal
Batty Garland
Black Puffle Picture
Black Puffle Poster
Black Widow Window
Blue Birdhouse
Blue CP Banner
Blue Curtain
Blue Paper Lantern
Blue Puffle Picture
Blue Puffle Poster
Brown Puffle Picture
Burgundy Curtains
Candy Garland
Captain’s Wheel
CFC Paper Chain
Cheeky Lantern
Christmas Ribbon
Christmas Wreath
Classical Record
Classroom Bell
Clover Garland
Coins For Change Banner
Concert Lights
Confetti Blaster
Corner Wall Cabinet
Country Record
Cozy Fireplace
Dangly Spider
Dart Board
Death Star (furniture)
Decrepit Chandelier
Disco Ball
Door Garland
Double Wall Cabinet
Double Wall Light
Dragon Flag
Dream Catcher
Earth (furniture)
Eighth Note
Electric Encore
Electric Guitar Shadow Box
Fairy Woods Flag
Festive Light
Fish Fossil
Floral Paper Screen
Fruit Vine
Full Moon
Fun Fungus
Gamma Gal Shadow Box
Garland of Sweets
Ghastly Window
Ghost Garland
Go Fluffies
Go Hot Sauce
Go Sharks
Go Space Squids
Green Banner
Green Birdhouse
Green Clover
Green Paper Lantern
Green Puffle Picture
Green Puffle Poster
Green Triangle Pennants
Grumpy Lantern
Hanging Algae
Hanging Basket
Hanging Moss
Hanging Torch
Happy Lantern
Happy Lantern Light
Holiday Bells
Holiday Lights (furniture)
Holiday Star Decoration
Holiday Tree Decoration
Holiday Wreath
Ice Cube Wreath
Icicle Lights
Icing Decorations
Iron Chandelier
Island Trinkets
Jack-O-Lantern Curtains
Jack-O-Lantern Garland
Jolly Roger Flag
JOX Pennant
Kingdom Flag
Laser Lights
Laughing Lantern
LCD Television
Leafy Window
Life Ring (furniture)
Medieval Banner
Mermaid Clock
Merry Walrus Garland
Mexican Blanket
Mini Pumpkin Lanterns
Mona Lisa
Monster Scoreboard
Moose Head
Moving Eye Painting
Mullet Fish
Multi-pane Window
Musical Motif
Neon Bat
Ogre Drapes
Ogre Puffle Head
OK Pennant
Open-Closed Sign
Orange Banner
Orange Puffle Picture
Orange Triangle Pennants
Ornate Mirror
Overhead Light
Party Banner
Penguin Band Poster
Penguin Mask
Peppy Stage Poster
Perched Puffle Statue
Pink Curtains
Pink Puffle Picture
Pink Puffle Poster
Pink Triangle Pennants
PNK Pennant
Pop Art Painting
Puffle Patio Lanterns
Pumpkin Lights
Purple Banner
Purple Paper Lantern
Purple Puffle Picture
Purple Puffle Poster
Quarter Note
Radiant Rocker
Rainbow with Pot O’ Gold
Red CP Banner
Red Paper Lantern
Red Puffle Picture
Red Triangle Pennants
Refreshing Curtain
Regal Drapes
Rock N’ Roll Record
Rockhopper Portrait
ROR Pennant
Scary Lantern Light
Score Board
Scorn Flag
Scroll-down Map
Sea Streamers
Security Camera
Shadow Guy Shadow Box
Ship In A Bottle
Show Lights
Single Wall Light
Ski Rack
Sky Flag
Snappy Shark
Snowboard Rack
Space Stage Poster
Spider Web
Starry Night Painting
Starship Panel
Sunset Painting
Superhero Stage Poster
Supernova Shadow Box
Swinging Vines
Tate Stage Poster
Terracotta Sun
Terrifying Tissue Ghost
Thatched Awning
Thin Ice Poster
Treble Clef
Upper Cabinets
Village Flag
Wall Bats
Wall Cabinet
Wall Chalkboard
Wall Clock
Wall Gecko
Wall Ghosts
Wall Map
Wall Net
Wall Pumpkin
Wall Sconce
Wall Snowflake
Wall Speaker
Wall Torch
Wall Webbing
White Board
White Puffle Picture
White Puffle Poster
Window Basket
Wispy Clouds
Wizard Flag
Wood Stove
Ye Olde Blue Banner
Ye Olde Red Banner
Ye Olde Yellow Banner
Yellow CP Banner
Yellow Paper Lantern
Yellow Puffle Picture
Yellow Puffle Poster
Zeus Stage Poster