Club Penguin Stamps List – Item Codes

By | March 12, 2015

In Club Penguin, you can get stamps by working together with other players and also by playing games. Stamps are put into four different categories based on the difficulty of achieving them, such as easy, medium, hard or extreme. Each member has their own stamp book that collects the stamps which can be earned through a variety of games and events, with over 352 stamps being available so far.



Event Stamps

Rockhopper stamp

Gary Stamp

Cadence Stamp

Franky Stamp

G Billy Stamp

Petey K Stamp

Stompin’ Bob Stamp

PH Stamp

Aunt Arctic stamp

Sensei stamp

Rookie Stamp

Herbert Stamp

Party Stamps

Puffle Party Stamp

Snack Shack Stamp

Celebration Stamp

Construction Stamp

Explorer Stamp

Volunteer Stamp

Out at Sea Stamp

Food Fight Stamp

Go Green Stamp

Snowboarder Stamp

Happy Room Stamp

Party Puzzle Stamp

Target Champion Stamp

Monster Mash Stamp

Scavenger Hunt Stamp

Path Finder Stamp

Noble Knight Stamp

Tree Mob Stamp

Music Maestro Stamp

Trick-or-Treat Stamp

Top Volunteer Stamp

Stunt Penguin Stamp

Mountaineer Stamp

Epic Volunteer stamp

Activities Stamps

Stage Crew Stamp

Underground Stamp

Snapshot Stamp

Go Swimming Stamp

Clock Target Stamp

Field Agent Stamp

Puffle Dig Stamp

Tasty Treasure Stamp

183 Days! Stamp

Going Places Stamp

Dance Party Stamp

Igloo Party Stamp

Coffee Server Stamp

Pizza Waiter Stamp

Special Agent Stamp

Special Forces Stamp

First Dig Stamp

Dig All Day Stamp

Every Color Stamp

365 days! Stamp

Full House Stamp

Play It Loud! Stamp

Berg Drill! Stamp

Fort Battle Stamp

Hockey Team Stamp

Elite Protector Stamp

Big Dig Stamp

Treasure Box Stamp

Soccer Team Stamp

Party Host Stamp

Ninja Meeting Stamp

Island Guardian Stamp

3 Gems Stamp

Games Stamps

Squid Spotter Stamp

Aqua Puffle Stamp

Soda Success Stamp

Clam Success Stamp

Soda Master Stamp

Clam Master Stamp

Get Fluffy Stamp

Get the Worm Stamp

Bubble Catch Stamp

Pearl Capture Stamp

Clam Treasure Stamp

Soda Treasure Stamp

Clam Compress Stamp

Soda Compress Stamp

Clam Pressure Stamp

Soda Pressure Stamp

Clam Timer Stamp

Soda Timer Stamp

Crab’s Treasure Stamp

Mullet Capture Stamp

Astro Barrier

Astro 5 Stamp

Astro 5 Max Stamp

Astro 40 Stamp

Ship Blast Stamp

1-up Blast Stamp

Astro Secret Stamp

Astro 10 Max Stamp

Astro 20 Max Stamp

Astro Expert Stamp

Astro30 Max Stamp

Astro 1-up Stamp

Astro Master Stamp


Grasshopper Stamp

Elemental Win Stamp

Fine Student Stamp

Flawless Victory Stamp

One Element Stamp

True Ninjas Stamp

Ninja Master Stamp

Match Master Stamp

Sensei Card Stamp

Full Dojo Stamp


Card-Jitsu: Fire

Warm Up Stamp

Score Fire Stamp

Fire Midway Stamp

Strong Defense Stamp

Fire Suit Stamp

Fire Ninja Stamp

Max Energy Stamp

Fire Expert Stamp

Card-Jitsu: Snow

Fire Ninja Stamp

Snow Ninja Stamp

Water Ninja Stamp

Revive Stamp

3 Ninja Combo Stamp

Up and at ’em Stamp

Huge Heal Stamp

Snow Shield Stamp

Wave Boost Stamp

Power Card Pro Stamp

Snow Pro Stamp

4 Ninja Combo Stamp .

Team Revival Stamp

Heal 15 Stamp

Tidal Wave Stamp

Fire Blast Stamp

Fire Blast Combo Stamp

3 Combos Stamp

Full Health Stamp

Bonus Win Stamp

Final Battle Stamp

Card-Jitsu: Water

Gong! Stamp

Watery Fall Stamp

Water Expert Stamp .

Water Midway Stamp

Water Suit Stamp

Water Ninja Stamp

Two Close Stamp

Skipping Stones Stamp

Cart Surfer

Great Balance Stamp

Cart Pro Stamp

Mine Marvel Stamp

Mine Mission Stamp

Trick Master Stamp

Puffle Power Stamp .

Cart Expert Stamp

Mine Grind Stamp

Surf’s Up Stamp

Flip Mania Stamp

Ultimate Duo Stamp

Cart Master Stamp

Catchin’ Waves

First Trick Stamp

Puffle Surfin’ Stamp

Easy Flip Stamp

Easy Tube Stamp

Easy Grind Stamp

Graduate Stamp

Easy Spin Stamp

Trick Star Stamp

Podium Puffle Stamp

Flip Star Stamp

Easy Jump Stamp

Super Tube Stamp

Super Spin Stamp

Super Grind Stamp

Max Grind Stamp

First Place Stamp

Max Flips Stamp

High Jump Stamp

Max Tube Stamp

Max Spin Stamp

Shark! Stamp

Survivor Stamp

Ice Fishing

Snack Attack Stamp

Shock King Stamp

Fishtastic Stamp

Worm Win Stamp

Crab Cuts Stamp

Afishionado Stamp

Gray Goodies Stamp

Prize Mullet Stamp

Fly Fisher Stamp

Ace Angler Stamp

Jet Pack Adventure

Lift Off Stamp

Fuel Rank 1 Stamp

Puffle Pilot Stamp

Jet Pack 5 Stamp

Crash! Stamp

Fuel Rank 2 Stamp

Fuel Rank 3 Stamp

Fuel Rank 4 Stamp

Fuel Rank 5 Stamp

1-up Leader Stamp

Puffle Bonus Stamp

Kerching! Stamp

Fuel Command Stamp

Fuel Wings Stamp

1-up Captain Stamp

Puffle Plus Stamp

Ace Pilot Stamp

Puffle Boost Stamp


Mission 1 Medal Stamp

Aunt Arctic Letter Stamp

Mission 2 Medal Stamp

G’s Letter Stamp

Mission 3 Medal Stamp

Thank You Card Stamp

Mission 4 Medal Stamp

Handy Award Stamp

Mission 5 Medal Stamp

Pizza Box Stamp

Mission 6 Medal Stamp

Blueprint Stamp

Mission 7 Medal Stamp

Pennant Stamp

Mission 8 Medal Stamp

Cool Gift Stamp

Mission 9 Medal Stamp

Chocolate Box Stamp

Mission 10 Medal Stamp

Employee Award Stamp

Mission 11 Medal Stamp

Snow Globe Stamp

Pizzatron 3000

Food Fiasco Stamp

Just Dessert Stamp

Chef Hat Stamp

Spice Sea Stamp

Cocoa Beans Stamp

Fiery Squids Stamp

Candy Land Stamp

Pizza Chef Stamp

Pizza Master Stamp

Dessert Chef Stamp

Puffle Launch

Begin Build Stamp

Launch Ready Stamp

Crab Attack Stamp

Quick Launch Stamp

Turbo Time Stamp

Epic Cannon Stamp

Crab Crash Stamp

Crab Battle Stamp

Supersonic Launch Stamp

Turbo Battle Stamp

Puffle Rescue

1 Coin Bag Stamp

Quick Catch Stamp

Rapid Rescue Stamp

1 Coin Bubble Stamp

SOS 30 Stamp

2 Coin Bags Stamp

Snow Student stamp

Cave Coins stamp

Cave Coins Plus stamp

Super Catch stamp

Easy Cannon stamp

Close Call Stamp

Express Rescue Stamp

10 Sea Levels Stamp

2 Coin Bubbles Stamp

SOS 60 Stamp

3 Coin Bags Stamp

Snow Master Stamp

Cave Coins Max Stamp

Expert Catch Stamp

Super Cannon Stamp

Extreme Rescue Stamp

20 Sea Levels Stamp

3 Coin Bubbles Stamp

Snow Hero Stamp

Extreme Cannon Stamp

30 Sea Levels Stamp


Bonus Snack Stamp

On a Roll Stamp

Puzzle Pro Stamp

Puffle O Feast Stamp

Bite in Time Stamp

Extreme Puzzler Stamp

Master Roller Stamp

Quick Snack Stamp

Epic Roller Stamp

Ice Master Stamp

Fast Food Stamp

Light Speed Launch Stamp

Turbo Master Stamp

Smoothie Smash

Fruit Squeeze Stamp

Berry Smart Stamp

Beary Berry Stamp

Shipshake Stamp

Tasty Treat Stamp

Fruit Splatter Stamp

Fruit Power Stamp

Deflector Stamp

Energizer Stamp

Fruit Stomper Stamp

Smoothie Warrior Stamp

Smoothie Survivor Stamp

Smoothie Zing Stamp

Fruit Smasher Stamp

Smoothie Master Stamp

Smoothie Hero Stamp

System Defender Stamp

Ready For Duty Stamp

Garbage Disposal Stamp

Bug Overload Stamp

Strategic Sucess Stamp

Mono Mechanic Stamp

Master Mechanic Stamp

Herbert Attack Stamp

Klutzy Attack Stamp

Strategic Master Stamp

Tactical Ace Stamp

Test Bot Trio Stamp

Protobot Attack Stamp

Track Herbert Stamp

Thin Ice

1 Coin Bag Stamp

3 Coin Bags Stamp

6 Coin Bags Stamp

10 Coin Bags Stamp

Ice Bonus Stamp

Ice Trekker Stamp

All Coin Bags Stamp

Ice Master Stamp

Treasure Hunt

Gem Skills Stamp

Collector Stamp

In the Rough Stamp

Gem Expert Stamp

Gem Pro Stamp

Game Day

Red Win Stamp

Blue Win Stamp

Green Win Stamp

Yellow Win Stamp

Remote Upload Stamp

White Puffle Stamp

Conquer the Island Stamp

Puffle Paddle Stamp

Bean Balance Stamp

Collector Stamp

2 Vs. 2 Stamp

Sumo Smash Stamp

2 Vs. 2 Max Stamp

Goalie Stamp