Club Penguin Neck Items

By | March 2, 2015

There are a lot of different clothing items in Club Penguin that you can get for your penguin. These
clothing items are all separated depending on which part of the body the clothing item is for. If you
are looking for neck items for your penguin, which includes necklaces and collars, here is a
complete list of what’s available in the game.

14K Fish Necklace

Abracadabra Cape


All Access Pass (2009 version)

All Access Pass (2010 version)

All Access Pass (2011 version)


Aqua Bead Necklace

Autumn Scarf

Backstage Pass

Battle Cape

Beaded Necklace

Bee Wings

Big White Scarf

Black Bowtie

Black Cape

Black Feather Boa

Black Jedi Cloak

Black Shoulder Bag

Black Tie

Blast­Off Board

Bling Bling Medallion

Bling Bling Necklace

Blue Accordion

Blue Backpack

Blue Boa

Blue Cape

Blue Climbing Rope

Blue Cotton Scarf

Blue Designer Scarf

Blue Feather Boa

Blue Lei

Blue Mail Bag

Blue Patched Bag

Blue Power Cell

Blue Scarf

Blue Scuba Tank

Blue Striped Scarf (ID 3012)

Blue Striped Scarf (ID 3035)

Blue Tabard


Bronze Music Note Necklace

Brown Bat Wings

Brown Cape

Brown Feather Boa

Bumblebee Scarf

Butterfly Wings

Cadence Scarf


Candy Necklace

Candycane Scarf

CeCe’s Necklace

Checkered Scarf

Checkered Tote

Cheesy Necktie

Chestnut Checker Scarf

Christmas Scarf

Clam Shell Collar


Conga Drums

Constantine’s Cloak

Coral Shoulder Bag

Cornflower Scarf

Coronation Necklace

Cozy Orange Scarf

DJ Headphones

Daisy Chain

Digital Camera

Dog Tags

Edgy Necklace

Electric Pink Snowboard

Emerald Necklace

Enchanted Dragon Wings

Enchanted Wings

Expedition Backpack

Explorer’s Bag

Faery Wings

Fairy Wings

Feather Necklace

Fiendish Pauldrons

Fish Dog Vendor Pouch

Flame Messenger Bag

Flower Messenger Bag

Friends Forever Lei

Fringed Purse

Fuzzy White Beard

Gold Cape

Gold Chain

Gold Charm Necklace

Gold Feather Boa

Gold Jet Pack

Gold Medal

Gold Necklace

Gold Puffle Chain

Golden Fairy Wings

Golden Lei

Golden Wings

Great Bone Cloak

Green Bowtie

Green Cape

Green Checkered Tote

Green Cotton Scarf

Green Feather Boa

Green Hooded Cloak

Green Necktie

Green Parrot

Green Plaid Scarf

Green Satchel

Green Scarf

Green Slouch Purse

Green Tabard

Green Trendy Scarf

Green Zebra Scarf

Green and Blue Scarf

H2O Pack

Halloween Scarf

Hardscrabble’s Wings

Hawaiian Lei

Heather Grey Scarf

Hiking Backpack

Houndstooth Bag

Jack­in­the­Box Ruffle

Jade Necklace

Jagged Purple Necklace

Jedi Cloak

Jet Pack (item)

Knitted Scarf

Kukui Nut Necklace

Lavender Knit Scarf

Leather Purse

Leather Satchel

Leopard Print Scarf

Life Vest

Lime Green Cape

Limited Edition Backpack

Magenta Scarf

Magician’s Cloak

Magicians Cape

Marching Band Drum

McKenzie’s Necklace

Medieval Cloak

Merry Walrus Medal

Messenger Bag

Moth Wings

Movie Camera

Mullet Necktie

Music Cruise Pass

Nautical Necklace

Noble Horse

Noteworthy Necklace

O’Berry Necklace

Obi­Wan Cloak

Orange Cape

Orange Feather Boa

Orange Tabard


Pastel Beaded Necklace

Pauldrons of Justice

Pearl Necklace

Pegasus Wings

Pendant Necklace

Penguin Cup VIP Pass

Petey’s Accordian

Petey K Accordion

Phoenix Wings

Pink Backpack

Pink Cape

Pink Designer Scarf

Pink Feather Boa

Pink Scarf

Pink Zebra Scarf

Plaid Shell Purse

Plasma Laser

Platinum Note Necklace

Polka­Dot Bandanna

Pom Pom Scarf

Popcorn Tray

Prehistoric Necklace

Primitive Necklace

Puffle Care Sash

Purple Beaded Necklace

Purple Butterfly Wings

Purple Cape

Purple Feather Boa

Purple Rugby Scarf

Purple Tabard

Rainbow Cape

Rainbow Feather Boa

Raindrop Necklace

Raven Wings

Rebel Reward Medal

Red Backpack

Red Bandana

Red Bowtie

Red Cape

Red Cotton Scarf

Red Feather Boa

Red Tabard

Remove Neck Item

Rockhoppers Beard

Rookies Cardboard Box

Royal Blue Robe

Royal Golden Robe

Royal Robe

Ruffle Collar

Sandtrooper Pauldron

Santa’s Present Bag

Santa Beard


Scuba Tank

Sea Foam Pearls

Seeing Spots Scarf

Shadow Wings

Shell Collar

Shell Necklace

Silver Star Necklace

Silver Whistle

Skate Satchel

Skinny Blue Tie

Sleigh Bells

Smiley Necktie

Smitten Scarf

Snare Drum

Snow Fairy Wings

Snow Launcher

Snowflake Bandana

Spa Towel

Space Cadet Jetpack

Squid Hug

Star Necklace


Stompin’ Bob Electric Bass

Stone Bow Tie

Stone Necklace

Stony Necklace

String of Shells

Striped Tie

Sunset Scarves

Supply Bag

Supreme Toy Sack

Surf Necklace


Tame Arctic Fox

Tech Satchel

Test Glider

The Count’s Cloak

Thick Hide Cloak

Toothy Necklace


Tourist Camera

Toy Sack

Tri­color Scarf

Troll Cape

Tropical Bird

Tundra Board

Tusk’s Cloak

Twee’s Wings

Unbeatable Keeper Costume

Vampire Cape

Video Camera ­ID 3121

Vinyl Messenger Bag

Wheel Necklace


White Bowtie

White Cape

White Feather Boa

White Noble Horse

Yellow Cape

Yellow Climbing Rope

Yellow Designer Scarf

Yellow Feather Boa

Yellow Monster Wings

Yellow Scarf

Yellow Tabard