Club Penguin Head Items List

By | April 4, 2015

In Club Penguin, there are a number of clothing items you can get, which are divided into categories. One of the categories in clothing is head items, which range from default when you join to rare items that might not be available anymore. There are also a few head items which were given out during Beta Testing, while other head items are for anniversaries or special occasions. Here is a list of all of the head items you can get in Club Penguin.


1st Year Party Hat
2nd Year Party Hat
3rd Year Party Hat
4th Year Party Hat
5th Year Celebration Hat
6th Year Party Hat
6th Anniversary Hat
7th Anniversary Hat
8th Anniversary Hat
9th Anniversary Hat
A-Bomb Mask
Admirals Hat
Alaska’s Explorer Hat
Alien Antenna
Alien Thinking Cap
Alpha Headset
Alpine Hat
Alpine Helmet
Amethyst Hat
Angel Halo
Animal Head
Apple Headband
Apple Headdress
Apprentice Hat
Aqua Hipster Hat
Armored Viking Helmet
Asteroid Head
Astro Helmet
Aunt Arctic’s Hat Feb 2013
Balloon Flower Hat
Bard Hat
Baseball Helmet
Bat Wing Headband
Beaker Head
Bear Ears
Beat Dropper Hat
Beautiful Braid
Bee Antennae
Bellhop Hat
Big Bell
Bike Helmet
Bird Mascot Head
Black Cowboy Hat
Black Graduation Cap
Black Hockey Helmet
Black Ice Headband
Black Toque (ID 402)
Black Toque (ID 420)
Black Viking Helmet
Blast Off Hat R
Blizzard Helmet
Blizzard Wizard Hat
Blue Ball Cap
Blue Border Collie Hat
Blue Border Collie Headband
Blue Bunny Ears
Blue Earmuffs
Blue Felt Hat
Blue Football Helmet
Blue Fuzzy Hat
Blue Fuzzy Viking Hat
Blue Goggles
Blue Headphones
Blue Holiday Cap
Blue Lightbulb
Blue Monster Diva Mask
Blue Monster Head Fin
Blue Pompom Toque
Blue Propeller Cap
Blue Puffle Hat
Blue Skater Hat
Blue Striped Fedora
Blue Sweat Band
Blue Top Hat
Blue Toque (ID 1211)
Blue Toque (ID 438)
Blue Viking Helmet
Boba Fett Helmet
Bowler Hat
Box Hat
Brain Freeze
Brock Mask
Brown Cowboy Hat
Brown Fedora
Brown Puffle Hat
Brown Skater Hat
Brown Striped Fedora
Brown Teal Cap
Brunette Skater Pigtails
Bucket Hat
Buckle Hat
Bunny Ears
Burgundy Beanie
Butchy’s Bike Helmet
C-3PO Mask
Cadence Hair
Candy Cane Hat
Canvas Rocker Hat
Captain America Cowl
Captain Marvel Helmet
Carnival Jester Hat
Carnival Party Hat
Caroler’s Bonnet
Caveguin Helmet
Cheap Time Travel Hat
Chef Hat
Chet Mask
Chewbacca Mask
Chilly Trek Hat
Chullo Hat
Claire Mask
Class Clown Helmet
Cleo Headdress
Clown Hair
Cocoa Bunny Ears
Coins For Change Cap
Comm Helmet
Commander’s Hat
Constantine Head
Cool Down Hat
Cool Ski Beanie
Coral Crown
Cosmic Star Hat
Countess Steeple Hat
Country Jester Hat
Court Jester Hat
Cozy Hat
Crew Cap
Cruise Captain Hat
Crystal Puffle Earmuffs
Cumberband Hat
Cyborg Hat
Dark Blue Beanie
Dark Cocoa Bunny Ears
Darth Herbert’s Costume
Darth Vader Helmet
Dazzling Blue Top Hat
Delivery Hat
Delta Fedora
Delta Headset
Denim Hip Hop Hat
Dino Horns
Director’s Hat
Divers Helmet
Don Mask
Donut Conqueror
Doorman’s Cap
Driver’s Cap
Duke’s Hat
EPF Comm Headset
EPF Earpiece
EVA Space Helmet
Earflap Cap
Elf Hat
Elf Pigtails
Elsa’s Braid
Emerald Hat
Emperor Palpatine Mask
Epic Knight Helmet
Expedition Hat
Faery Hair
Feathered Hat
Feathered Tiara
Festive Hat
Festive Sombrero
Fiery Helmet
Film Director Cap
Final Frontier Helmet
Fire Headband
Firefighter Hat
First Mate’s Hat
First Merry Walrus Hat
Fish Dog Vendor Cap
Fishing Hat
Floppy Hat
Flower Hat
Flower Headdress
Football Helmet
Forest Fairy
Fozzie Bear Head
Frankenpenguin Hat
Franky’s Cowboy Hat
Freaky Tiki Headdress
French 5th Year Party Hat
Fruit Headdress
Funny Pig Hat
Fuzzy Viking Hat
G Billy’s Cowboy Hat
G Billy’s Playercard 2014
G Billy Bandana
G Billy Hair and Bandana
Gary 3000 Helmet (Robo Party)
George Mask
Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat
Girl’s Pilot Cap
Globe Hat
Glowing Pumpkin Head
Go-Karter Helmet
Goalie Helmet
Gold Princess Hat
Gold Top Hat
Gold Viking Helmet
Golden Feather Crown
Golden Knight’s Helmet
Golden Pirate Hat
Golf Hat
Graduation Cap
Graduation Hat
Grape Headband
Grape Headdress
Gray Werewolf Head
Great Horn Mask
Greedo Mask
Green Ball Cap
Green Bobsled Helmet
Green Bunny Ears
Green Cap
Green Cosmic Hat
Green Cyclops
Green Football Helmet
Green Hard Hat
Green Headphones
Green Indie Hat
Green Lightbulb
Green Paisley Bandana
Green Pom Pom Toque
Green Propeller Cap
Green Safari Hat
Green Skater Hat
Green Toque
Green Viking Helmet
Grey Fedora
Guardian Dog Hat
Happy Birthday Hat
Hard Hat
Hardscrabble Mask
Head Band
Head Lamp
Heartbreaker Helmet
Heavy Hat
Helmet of Oceans
Helmet of Shadows
Hockey Helmet
Holiday Conductor Hat
Holiday Toque
Horned Ogre Head
Hot Cross Bun
Humbug Hat
Ice Crown
Ice Party Hat
Imperial Officer Hat
Imperial Trooper Helmet
Infrared Tracker
Inky Squid Lid
Iron Fist Mask
Iron Helmet
Iron Man Cowl
Iron Patriot Helmet
Iron Spider Mask
Jack-in-the-Box Hat
Jam Cap
Jawa Mask
Jester Hat
Jeweled Viking Helmet
Johnny Mask
Jolly Roger Hat
Junior Explorer Hat
Kermit’s Mascot Player Card
Kermit the Frog Head
Khaki Rocker Cap
King’s Blue Crown
King’s Crown
King Jester Hat
Kitty Kat Hat
Knight Helmet
Knightly Helmet
Ladybug Antennae
Lavender Bunny Ears
Leather Swashbuckler’s Hat
Lela’s Bike Helmet
Loki Horns
Loose Toque
Magic Hat
Magical Crown
Magician’s Hat
Marching Band Hat
Mark 42 Helmet
McKenzie (item)
Merry Walrus (item)
Mexican Sombrero
Migrator Mascot Head
Mime Beret
Miners Helmet
Mini Sombrero
Minister Tua’s Helmet
Miss Piggy Head
Monkey King Mask
Monster Horns
Multi-Colored Chullo
Muppet Masks
Music Jam Cap
Music Splatter Hat
Mystic Headdress
Neon Green Helmet
New Player Red Baseball Hat
News Room Hat
Newspaper Hat
Nightclub Helmet
Noble Helmet
Nova Helmet
Nutcracker Hat
OK Hat
Odin Helmet
Ogre Ears
Old Boot
One Eye CDA Mask
One Man Band Hat
Ooze Mask
Optic Headset
Orange Blob
Orange Skate Spike Helmet
Orange Tabby Headband
Outback Exploring Hat
Outback Hat
PH’s Hat
PH Hat/Hair
PNK Mask
Park Ranger Hat
Party Hat
Penguin Brain Box
Penguin Cup Hat
Personal Flurry
Pete K’s Playercard 2014
Petey K Toque and Hair
Pharaoh Headdress
Pilgrim Hat
Pilot Cap
Pineapple Headband
Pineapple Headdress
Pink Ball Cap
Pink Bunny Ears
Pink Cowgirl Hat
Pink Earmuffs
Pink Lightbulb
Pink Monster Fins
Pink Pom Pom Toque
Pink Skater Hat
Pink Toque (ID 418)
Pink Toque (ID 421)
Pink Viking Helmet
Pink Visor
Pink and Yellow Chullo
Pirate Bandana
Pirate Bandanna
Police Hat
Police Helmet
Polka Dot Puffle Hat
Pork Pie Hat
Prehistoric Beta Hat
Prehistoric Helmet
Press Cap
Press Hat
Primal Headdress
Primal Helmet
Prince Redhood Hat
Princess Hat
Pro Skater Helmet
Protobot Helmet
Puffle Ball Cap
Puffle Bandana
Puffle Cap
Puffle Care Cap
Puffle Hat
Puffle Hotel Cap
Puffle Wrangler Hat
Pufflescape Ball Cap
Pumpkin Antennae
Pumpkin Cap
Pumpkin Head
Purple Ball Cap
Purple Bat Wings
Purple Headphones
Purple Lightbulb
Purple Monster Do
Purple Propeller Cap
Purple Toque
Purple Wizard Hat
Queen’s Crown
RH’s Jacket Player Card
Rad Scientist Wig
Rainbow Puffle Toque
Randy Mask
Rebel Helmet
Red Ball Cap
Red Bobsled Helmet
Red Climbing Helmet
Red Football Helmet
Red Hard Hat
Red Mohawk
Red Paisley Bandana
Red Propeller Cap
Red Riding Hood
Red and Yellow Stripey Hat
Redhead Headphones
Reindeer Antlers
Reindeer Handler Hat
Reindeer Head
Remove Head Item
Retro Cap
Ring Master Hat
Rising Sun Crown
Rock Hard Hat
Rockhopper’s Hat
Rockhopper’s Santa Hat (ID 1521)
Rocky’s Hair
Rocky Headphones
Roman Helmet
Rookie’s Hat New 2014 Player Card
Rookie’s Hat Oct 2013
Ruby Princess Hat
Russian Hat
Rustic Hat
Saber Toothed Helmet
Safari Hat
Safari Helmet
Sailor’s Cap
Sailor Hat
Salami Sun Hat
Sam Eagle Head
Santa Hat
Sapphire Princess Hat
Sea Foam Earmuffs
Security Guard Hat
Sensei’s Hat
Sensei 2013 CJ Snow Player Card
Shale Cap
Shamrock Hat
Sif Helmet
Silver Centurion Helmet
Skater Pigtails
Snow Beta Hat
Snow Day Toque
Snow Fairy Hair
Snow Goggles
Snow Headband
Snowboard Helmet
Snowman Head
Solid Gold Viking Helmet
Sombrero Cordobés
Space Helmet
Spanish Fifth Year Hat
Spiked Skateboard Helmet
Spiked Warrior Helm
Springy Pumpkins
Springy Santa Hat
Squishy’s Mom Mask
Squishy Mask
Starlit Sombrero
Stealth Tracker
Stocking Cap
Stompin’ Bob’s Cowboy Hat
Stompin’ Bob Fowhawk Hair
Stompin’ Bob Playercard 2014
Stone Chef Hat
Stormtrooper Helmet
Straw Fedora
Straw Gardening Hat
Straw Hat
Straw Sun Hat
Striped Pirate Bandana
Stripey Hat
Sulley Mask
Sunset Crown
Superfan Hat R
Swamp Monster Mask
Swashbuckler’s Hat
Swedish Chef Head
Sweet Ski Beanie
Swim Cap and Goggles
Tallest Haircut
Tan Cowboy Hat
Teddy Bear Head
The Aboo Aboo
The Abracadabra
The Adored
The Adventurer
The All Dolled Up
The All Star