Club Penguin Feet Items

By | March 26, 2015

When you play Club Penguin, you will notice there are a lot of different clothing items that you can get, which are all divided up by which part of the body the item is for. If you are wondering what types of feet items are available, here is a complete list of what you can get in the game.


Alpha Pumps
Amber Stilettos
Ancient Dragon Feet
Anna’s Traveling Shoes
Anti Lava Boots
Aqua Sneakers
Astro Boots
Bad Boots
Ball and Chain
Ballet Shoes
Barefood Runners
Beaded Slippers
Beige Hiking Boots
Big Bad Wool Hooves
Black Checkered Shoes
Black Cowboy Boots
Black Dress Shoes
Black Flats
Black Flippers
Black Hiking Boots
Black Kicks
Black Sneakers
Black Studded Shoes
Black Top Sneakers
Black Zoot Shoes
Blue & White Flips Flops
Blue Buckle Shoes
Blue Canvas Shoes
Blue Checkered Shoes
Blue Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
Blue Dragon Feet
Blue Flippers
Blue Flower Sandals
Blue High Tops
Blue Rollerskates
Blue Skater Shoes
Blue Sneakers
Blue Stardust Slippers
Blue Striped Rubber Boots
Blue Winter Boots
Boots of Justice
Box Shoes
Brady’s Shoes
Brady’s Sneakers
Break a Leg Cast
Brown Canvas Shoes
Brown Checkered Shoes
Brown Flats
Brown Flip Flops
Brown Furry Boots
Brown Leather Boots
Brown Leather Sandals
Brown Pirate Boots
Brown Sandals
Brown Shoes
Brown Snow Bunny Boots
Bunny Slippers
Burgundy Buckle Shoes
Butchy’s Boots
Cadence Shoes
Canvas Cloud Shoes
CeCe’s Shoes
Cement Shoes
Cheechee’s Boots
Cherry Pumps
Clown Shoes
Cold Snap Sandals
Comm Boots
Commander’s Boots
Cool Ski Boots
Coral Sneakers
Cotton Sandals
Count Shoes
Cowboy Boots
Cream Sandals
Dark Brown Fuzzy Boots
Delta Sneaks
Electric Purple Runners
Elf Shoes
Elsa’s Ice Queen Shoes
Enchanted Feet
Epic Knight Shoes
Festive Footwear
Festive Socks
Figure Skates
Fire Power Shoes
Flame Sandals
Franky Purple Kicks
Fuzzy Boots
G Billy Cowboy Boots
Geta Sandals
Glacial Sandals
Gold Bunny Slippers
Gold Checkered Shoes
Gold Sneakers
Gold Sparkle Loafers
Golden Shiny Shoes
Golden Sneakers
Gray Booties
Gray Boots
Gray Furry Boots
Gray Werewolf Feet
Green Bunny Slippers
Green Checkered Shoes
Green Dragon Feet
Green Flippers
Green High Tops
Green Hiking Boots
Green Light Up Shoes
Green Rubber Boots
Green Running Shoes
Green Sandals
Green Sneakers
Green Untied Sneakers
Grey B-Boy Sneakers
Grey Loafers
Groovy Shoes
Guardian Dog Feet
Hans’ Boots
Harvest Orange Slippers
Heavy Duty Boots
High Seas Boots
Hiking Boots
Hipster Hightops
Hockey Skates
Horse Hooves
Ice Skates
Icicle Sandals
Jade Stilettos
Jet Stilettos
Kristoff’s Boots
Ladybug Shoes
Leather Moccasins
Lela’s Boots
Light Up Shoes
Lightning Power Shoes
Lime Slip Ons
Loose Yellow Sneaks
Lumberjack Boots
Magenta Sandals
McKenzie’s Beach Shoes
Monkey King Feet
Nautical Boots
Neon Pink Sneakers
Neon Sneakers
Oaken’s Shoes
Onyx Dragon Feet
Ooze Shoes
Orange Checkered Shoes
Orange Frankenfeet
Orange High Tops
Orange Sneakers
Peak Boots
Petey K’s Shoes
Pink & Purple Laced Hightops
Pink Biker Shoes
Pink Bow Dress Shoes
Pink Canvas Shoes
Pink Checkered Shoes
Pink Flip Flops
Pink Flippers
Pink Fuzzy Boots
Pink Rollerskates
Pink Sandals
Pink Sneakers
Pink Sparkly Snowshoes
Pink Striped Rubber Boots
Pirate Boots
Plate Boots
Plated Shoes
Plum Slippers
Pointy Shoes
Polished Shoes
Puffle Trainers
Pumpkin Sneakers
Purple & Yellow Laced Hightops
Purple Checkered Shoes (ID 16041)
Purple Checkered Shoes (ID 6106)
Purple Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
Purple Dragon Feet
Purple Flower Sandals
Purple High Tops
Purple Sandals
Purple Sneakers
Purple Snuggly Boots
Rainbow Checkered Shoes
Rebel Boots
Red Biker Shoes
Red Checkered Shoes
Red High Tops
Red Hiking Shoes
Red Sneakers
Red Untied Sneakers
Red and White Sneaks
Reindeer Handler Boots
Remove Feet Item
Rocky’s Shoes
Rooster Feet
Rugged Boots
Running Shoes
Sandy Flip Flops
Seafoam Slip Ons
Seismic Sandals
Sensei’s Epic Sandals
Shade Sandals
Shiny Slippers
Silver Stilettos
Slate Untied Sneakers
Sled Tube Boots
Sneaky Sneakers
Snow Monkey Feet
Snowboard Boots
Snowy Night Boots
Sparkle Sneakers
Sparkly Amber Shoes
Sparkly Emerald Shoes
Sparkly Sea Foam Slippers
Squeak-Proof Shoes
Squiggle Shoes
Stardust Slippers
Stomp Shoes
Stompin’ Boots
Sturdy Brown Boots
Sturdy Green Boots
Summit Boots
Sunburst Sandals
Sunset Dress Shoes
Sven Hooves
Swamp Monster Feet
Sweet Shoes
Sweet Ski Boots
Tactical Boots
Tan Boots
Telekinesis Shoes
Tennis Shoes
Toy Robot Feet
Trek Boots
Troll Feet
Undercover Shoes
Unicorn Hooves
Untied Violet Sneakers
Village Jester Shoes
Villager Shoes
Vintage Boots
Water Power Shoes
Wave Sandals
Werewolf Feet
White Checkered Shoes
White Dress Shoes
White Patent Shoes
White Sandals
White Sneaks
White Untied Sneakers
Wind Power Shoes
Winter Boots
Woodland Reindeer Hooves
Wool Socks
Yellow Checkered Shoes
Yellow Flippers
Yellow Hiking Shoes
Yellow Rubber Boots
Yellow Sandals
Yellow Sneakers