Club Penguin Face Items – Complete List

By | April 2, 2015

In Club Penguin, there are a number of different clothing items that you can get, which are divided up into several different subcategories. Face items are one of the subcategories in the clothing category, which are all different items you can get for your face. Here is a complete list of all the face items available to you in the Club Penguin store.


2 Cool Glasses
3D Glasses
Adventure Face Paint
Alien Mask
Alpha Shades
Apple Tiki Paint
Art Costume
Aunt Arctic’s Glasses
Aviator Goggles
Aviator Sunglasses
Big Brow
Biggest Brow
Black Diva Sunglasses
Black Face Paint
Black Glasses
Black Mask
Black Scuba Mask
Black Sunglasses
Blue Alien Mask
Blue Aviator Shades
Blue Face Paint
Blue Snorkel
Blue Starglasses
Blue Sunglasses
Blue Superhero Mask
Blue Tiki Mask
Brown Face Paint
Brown Glasses
Bubble Gum
Butler Brow
Castaway Face Paint
Cat Burglar Mask
Cat Eye Sunglasses
Cat Eyes
Cavegeek Glasses
Caveguin Face Paint
Celadon Alien Mask
Comm Headset
Count Mask
Countess Makeup
Craftsman Spectacles
Creepy Doll Makeup
Crimson Shades
Curly Mustache
Dark Vision Goggles
Delta Shades
Designer Glasses
Diva Glam Eyes
Diva Sunglasses
Emerald Aviators
Fancy Lashes
Fiendish Mask
Fluffies Face Paint
Funny-Face Glasses
Funny Pig Snout
Fuzzy White Beard
G-Tech Glasses
Gary’s Glasses
Gary’s Glasses (Prehistoric Party)
Gary’s Glasses (evergreen)
Gary’s Glasses Feb 2013
Ghost Goggles
Ghoulish Mask
Giant White Sunglasses
Gold D Glasses
Gold Diva Shades
Gold Sunglasses
Golden Shades
Golden Unicorn Horn
Grape Tiki Paint
Gray Beard
Green Face Paint
Green Giant Sunglasses
Green Snorkel
Green Sunglasses
Grey Glasses
Grim Glasses
Guardian Dog Muzzle
Herberts Eyebrows
Hipster Glasses
Holiday Conductor Specs
Hot Sauce Face Paint
Hot Sauce Helmet
Humbug Spectacles
Icy Eyelashes
Icy Mask
Indie Rocker Glasses
Indigo Sunglasses
Interstellar Makeup
Jack-in-the-Box Face
Kitty Cat Eyes
Lab Goggles
Lava Mask
Leia’s Lashes
Majestic Makeup
Mask & Bandana
Mask of Justice
Metropolis Makeup
Midnight Mask
Mime Face Paint
Mud Makeup
Mystic Makeup
Nick Fury Eyepatch
Ninja Mask
Old Maid Makeup
Orange Aviator Shades
Orange Face Paint
Petey K’s Old Sunglasses
Petey K Shades (ID 2031)
Petey K Shades (ID 2034)
Pineapple Tiki Paint
Pink Diva Shades
Pink Face Paint
Pink Snorkel
Pink Starglasses
Pink Superhero Mask
Pink Tiki Mask
Pixel Shades
Police Aviators
Prehistoric Tusks
Primal Blue Face Paint
Primal Green Face Paint
Primal Pink Face Paint
Purple Face Paint
Real Teal Sunglasses
Red Face Paint
Red Nose
Red Ski Goggles
Red Sunglasses
Remove Face Item
Rhinestone Sunglasses
Robot Helmet
Rockhopper’s Eyebrows
Rookies Sunglasses
Royal Eyelashes
Sensei’s Beard
Shady Shades
Sharks Face Paint
Silver Aviators
Sinister Mask
Skeleton Mask
Ski Goggles
Skull Mask
Sleek Shades
Sleet Stopper
Slush Stopper
Smoke Goggles
Snow Stopper
Snowflake Mask
Sonic Blast Mask
Space Squids Face Paint
Spy Goggles
Star Glasses
Star Shades
Starlet Eyes
Starshine Makeup
Stealthy Shades
Stomp Mask
Stone Shades
Strawberry Sunglasses
Sunset Diva Glasses
Survival Snorkel
Swim Goggles
Swirly Glasses
Telekinesis Mask
The Burly Beard
The Golden Secret
The Mystery
The Phantom
Torrent Mask
Troll Mask
Utopia Makeup
Valiant Mask
Vampire Fangs
Vampire Grin
Viking Beard
Watermelon Tiki Paint
White Diva Sunglasses
White Face Paint
Wide Awake Eyes
Winged Eyeliner
Yellow Face Paint
Yellow Giant Sunglasses
Yellow Snorkel
Zombie Mask