Club Penguin Exclusive Items

By | March 2, 2015

Club Penguin has a lot of exclusive items available that you can get if you unlock them through
Club Penguin Item Codes, some are even still around from the beginning of the game. You can
enter your Club Penguin Item Codes online through your account or through your mobile device,
and each code or set of codes you have will unlock certain items. Some of these items end up
going to regular items once newer exclusive items have been released.

The exclusive items list can change slightly with time and after various updates and some items might come back after a period
of time as well, so this list is not final or always guaranteed to be accurate.

You can also unlock super exclusive items if you redeem between 6 to 10 item codes from any
Treasure Book in the Treasure Book series. You can purchase these books at a number of locations
including through the online Club Penguin Store and on websites like Amazon. You have to
purchase the Treasure Books one at a time to gather these codes, and you will find the page in
either the front or back of the books. This is one of those things where you need to purchase an
item in real life to have a chance to earn exclusive items in Club Penguin.

Item Adder Exclusive Items

The Blackbird

The Step Up

Green Light Up Shoes ­Super Exclusive Item

Stand Out Outfit

Green Scene Jacket

Gold Bling Bracelet

Sweet Spikester Cuffs

Golden Shiny Shoes

Purple Sneakers

The Midnight

Real Teal Sunglasses

Lemon Lime Stripe Bikini

Kiwi Purse

The Blast

Star Shades

Street Surf Shorts

Clam Shell Collar

The Styled Messy

Purple Toque

The Sleek Chic

Goes with Everything Shirt

Brown Leather Watch

Green Slouch Purse

Nautical Necklace

Blue Skater Shoes

The Tunage

The Auburn

Green Zebra Scarf

Purple Beaded Necklace

White Electro Shirt

Purple Polka­dot Dress

Green High Tops

Purple Sandals

The Reverie

The Funktastic

Layered Sunset Outfit

Sandy Shore Outfit

Plum Slippers

Golden Shades

Fireworks Bangle

Off the Cuff

The Giddy

The Thrill­Billy

Pop­n­Lock Music Shirt

Trendy Red Shirt

Pink Starglasses

Yellow Bass Guitar

Neon Pink Sneakers

Slate Untied Sneakers

Green Satchel

Puffle Hoodie

Gold Sneakers

Boba Fett Helmet

Boba Fett Costume

The County Fair

The Fusion

Electric Summer Outfit

Medieval Cloak

Staff of Wonder

Pumpkin Cap


EPF Hoodie

The Jammin’­Super Exclusive Item

The Raven­ Super Exclusive Item

Emerald Necklace­ Super Exclusive Item

Golden Quilted Coat­ Super Exclusive Item

Puffle Skate Shirt­ Super Exclusive Item

Aviator Sunglasses­ Super Exclusive Item

Cherry Pumps­ Super Exclusive Item

Old Super Exclusive Items

Blue­Sky Dress­ After October 4, 2011, this became a normal Treasure Book item.

Beta Hat T­Shirt­ After October 4, 2011, this was changed to a normal Treasure Book item. Then,

in November 2014, it was re­released as Unlockable code: DOZHDIK1

The Glimmer­ After the updates of October 5, 2011, this became a normal Treasure Book item.

Cloudy Umbrella­ After October 4, 2011, this was change to a normal Treasure Book item.