Club Penguin Body Items List

By | March 17, 2015

If you play Club Penguin, you might be wondering what items are available to dress up your penguin in. There are several clothing items available for your penguin, which are separated into categories depending on which part of the body the clothing item is for. Here is a complete list of body clothing items you can get for your penguin, which include dresses and costumes.


A-Bomb Bodysuit
A Splash of Summer Dress
Admiral Jacket
Admirals Coat
Adventurous Hoodie
African Painted Dog Costume
Agent Kallus’ Outfit
Alien Costume
Allosaurus Hoodie
Alpha Suit
Amethyst Dress
Among the Stars Mint Dress
Ancient Dragon
Ancient Gold Dragon
Ancient Robes
Animal Costume
Anna’s Coronation Dress
Anna’s Traveling Clothes
Apple Costume
Apple Tiki Costume
Apple Tiki Dress
Aqua Bikini
Aqua Sarong
Aqua Striped T-Shirt
Archaeologist Outfit
Arctic Camouflage Suit
Armored Ogre Costume
Around Town Outfit
Asteroid Costume
Astro Barrier T-Shirt
Astro Suit
Aunt Arctic’s Shirt
Autumn Floral Outfit
Avalanche Suit
Baby Blue Blouse
Baby Blue Shoulder Shirt
Back-to-School Outfit
Baker’s Apron
Ballerina Costume
Balloon Vendor
Bard Outfit
Be Heard Campaign Shirt
Beach Dress
Beach Ready Outfit
Beaker Costume
Bear Costume
Beat Dropper Outfit
Bee Costume
Beige Explorer Outfit
Beta Grid Sweater
Beta Hat T-Shirt
Big Bad Wool Suit
Big Deal Hoodie
Big Momma’s Outfit
Biker Girl Outfit
Black Cowboy Shirt
Black Hawaiian Shorts
Black Hoodie
Black Ice Training Plates
Black Jedi Robes
Black Leather Jacket
Black Letterman Jacket
Black Ninja Belt
Black Parka
Black Party Dress
Black Penguin Band Hoodie
Black Puffle Costume
Black Puffle Don’t Care Tee
Black Skater Shirt
Black Soccer Jersey
Black Suit
Black T-Shirt
Black Vest Outfit
Black Whirlpool Snowsuit
Black Widow Bodysuit
Black Zip Hoodie
Black and Green Two-tone Hoodie
Black and Red Sailor Shirt
Blacksmith Apron
Blizzard (item)
Blizzard Wizard Robe
Blue-Sky Dress
Blue Alien Costume
Blue Away Goalie Gear
Blue Away Hockey Jersey
Blue Away Soccer Jersey
Blue Baseball Uniform
Blue Basketball Jersey
Blue Blend Hoodie
Blue Board Shorts
Blue Border Collie Costume
Blue Border Collie Hoodie
Blue Buccaneer Dress
Blue Buckle-Up
Blue CP Hoodie Outfit
Blue Casual Duds
Blue Cheerleader Outfit
Blue Cheerleading Sweater
Blue Crab
Blue Crosshatch Hoodie
Blue Crystal Puffle Costume
Blue Daisy Hoodie
Blue Dazzle Dress
Blue Doublet
Blue Dragon Costume
Blue Duck
Blue Duffle Coat
Blue Expedition Jacket
Blue Fade Hoodie
Blue Football Jersey
Blue Goalie Gear
Blue Hip Hop Hoodie
Blue Hockey Jersey
Blue Hoodie
Blue Keeper Kit
Blue Letterman Jacket
Blue Mermaid Costume
Blue Ninja Belt
Blue Off The Shoulder
Blue Polo Shirt
Blue Polo and Denim
Blue Puffle Costume
Blue Racing Bathing Suit
Blue Shirt
Blue Shorts
Blue Snow Jacket
Blue Snowflake Bauble
Blue Soccer Jersey
Blue Star Swimsuit
Blue Striped Raincoat
Blue Surf Shorts
Blue Torero Suit
Blue Track & Field Uniform
Blue Track Jacket
Blue Tracksuit
Blue Trendy Shirt
Blue Turtleneck
Blue Tuxedo
Blue Wheeler
Blue Winter Jacket
Blue Zoot Suit
Blue and Red Soccer Jersey
Blue and White Two-tone Hoodie
Blueberry Bunny Costume
Boba Fett Costume
Boho Style Outfit
Bone Gray Togs
Box Costume
Boy’s Sweater Vest
Brady’s Beach Outfit
Brady’s Biker Outfit
Brady (item)
Breezy Dress
Brock Costume
Brown Bat Costume
Brown Ninja Belt
Brown Puffle Costume
Brown Viking Costume
Bubble Dress
Bubblegum Cheerleader Outfit
Build Safe Places T-Shirt
Bull Target Costume
Business Dress
Business Fashion
Butchy’s Outfit
Butler Suit
Buttercup Ball Gown
Butterfly Dress
Butterfly T-Shirt
C-3PO Costume
CDA Suit
CP Air Uniform
Camo Hoodie
Candy Corn Costume
Canister Camouflage
Canoeing Outfit
Captain’s Coat
Captain’s Greatcoat
Captain America Bodysuit
Captain Marvel Bodysuit
Capture Equipment
Cargo Jacket
Caribbean T-Shirt
Carnival Barker Outfit
Caroler’s Dress
Castaway’s Clothing
Casual Suit Jacket
Casual Summer Threads
Cat Burglar Outfit
Cavegeek Outfit
Caveguin Pizza Apron
CeCe’s Outfit
Celadon Alien Costume
Chain Mail and Tabard
Check My Moves Vest
Checked Crop Coat
Cheechee’s Outfit
Cherry T
Chet Costume
Chewbacca Costume
Chic Sweater Vest
City’s Finest Uniform
City Lights T-Shirt
City Top and Jacket
Claire Costume
Classic Blue Dress
Classic Summer Outfit
Classic Vampire Costume
Classical T-Shirt
Classy Agent Suit
Classy Holiday Outfit
Classy T-Shirt
Classy Vampire Outfit
Claus-ette Outfit
Clear Sky Suit
Cleo Dress
Clerk Outfit
Clown-Around Costume
Clown Suit
Club Shirt
Coach Outfit
Coat of Frost
Cocoa Bunny Costume
Coffee Apron
Collared Blue Shirt
Color Me Bold Outfit
Color Me Cool Outfit
Color Splash Hoodie
Colored Hearts Hoodie
Coming Up Roses
Comm Gear
Commander’s Outfit
Commander Coat
Conductor’s Suit
Cookie Serving Apron
Cool Ski Suit
Coral Mermaid Costume
Corsair Coat
Cotton Candy Cut-Offs
Count Costume
Countess Costume
Countess Dress
Country Jester
Court Jester Outfit
Cow Costume
Cowboy Outfit
Cowboy Vest
Cozy Toga
Cozy Winter Coat
Crab Costume
Cranberry Decoration
Crashing Wave Gi
Creative Hoodie
Creepy Cutie T-Shirt
Creepy Doll Costume
Crimson Plate Mail
Crimson Sun Suit
Crock Costume
Crow’s Nest Vest
Cruise Captain Jacket
Cruise Host
Crystal Shards Suit
Custom Hoodie
Custom Soccer Jersey
Custom T-shirt
Daisies and Denim
Daisy Daydream Outfit
Daisy Zippered Hoodie
Damsel’s Dress
Dance Crew Outfit
Dapper Sweater Vest
Dark Cocoa Bunny Costume
Dark Denim Jacket
Dark Detective’s Coat
Darth Herbert’s Costume
Darth Vader Costume
Dazzle Dress
Dazzling Blue Tuxedo
Deep Diver Suit
Deep Sea Diving Suit
Deflection Vest
Delivery Outfit
Delta Suit
Delux Tux
Deserted Beachwear
Detective’s Coat
Diamond Gown
Dig Team Gear
Dinosaurus Rex
Distinguished Suit
Divers Suit
Don Costume
Doom Drone (item)
Doorman’s Jacket
Downtown Dress
Dubstep DJ Outfit
Dubstep Puffle T-Shirt
Duchess’ Dress
Duke’s Outfit
EPF Suit
EPF Workout Hoodie
EVA Space Suit
Earthquake Coat
Easy Listening Shirt
Electric Summer Outfit
Electro T-Shirt
Elegant Ensemble
Elemental Balance Gi
Elephant Costume
Elf Suit
Elite Body Armor
Elite Tactical Armor
Elsa’s Coronation Dress
Elsa’s Ice Queen Dress
Emerald Dress
Emerald Kilt
Emerald Princess Gown
Emperor Palpatine Cloak
Enchanted Dragon
Enchanted Fairy Dress
Endless Summer Outfit
Epic Knight Armor
Evergreen Decoration
Evergreen Snow Vest
Extra Cheesy Costume
Ezra’s Outfit
Fabulous Hoodie
Faery Costume
Fairy Flight Outfit
Fairy Gown
Fairy Princess Dress
Fall Leather Jacket
Fashionable Fuchsia Outfit
Feather Fringe
Festive Sweater
Fiendish Suit
Final Frontier Suit
Fire Hydrant Costume
Fire Kimono
Fire Ninja Gi
Fire Training Plates
Firefighter Jacket
First Maiden Outfit
First Mate’s Outfit
Fish Costume
Fishing Vest
Flamenco Dress
Flannel Shirt
Flare Hoodie
Flit Hoodie
Floating on Ice Dress
Floral Bikini
Floral Shirt
Flower Palm Dress
Fluffy Gown
Fluorescent Freestyle Threads
For Science!
Forest Maiden Gown
Forest Ninja Suit
Fozzie Bear Costume
Frankenpenguin Costume
Franky Jacket and Jeans
Franky Tee
Freaky Tiki Outfit
Freestyle Threads
Frozen Armor
Funny Pig Costume
Furry Shorts
Furry Togs
Fuzzy Blue Vest
Fuzzy Coat and Tights
Fuzzy Experiment
Fuzzy Polka Dot Bikini
G Billy Plaid Shirt and Jeans
Galactic Hoodie
Galactic Space Suit
Gamma Gal Costume
Garys Coat
Gentle Hoodie
George Costume
Ghost Catcher Uniform
Ghost Costume
Ghost Pirate Costume
Ghost Puffle Costume
Ghost of Today
Ghost of Tomorrow
Ghost of Yesterday
Ghoul Detector Jumpsuit
Ghoul Dress
Ghoul Outfit
Ghoul Suit
Giggle’s Pink Outfit
Gingerbread Cookie Costume
Gingerbread Costume
Girl’s Sweater Vest
Glacier Suit
Glam Glam Gown
Glam Star Outfit
Glowing Grid Jacket
Gnome Costume
Go-Karter Suit
Goalie Jersey
Goes with Everything Shirt
Gold Decoration
Gold Figure Skating Dress
Gold Letterman Jacket
Gold Princess Dress
Gold Puffle Hoodie
Golden Bumper Car
Golden Hoodie
Golden Knight’s Armor
Golden Quilted Coat
Golden Sun Suit
Goldsmith Apron
Golf Cart
Grape Bunch Costume
Grape Tiki Costume
Grape Tiki Dress
Grass Skirt
Gravedigger Suit
Gray Pinstripe Suit
Gray Pirate Coat
Gray Werewolf Costume
Greedo Costume
Green Away Goalie Gear
Green Away Hockey Jersey
Green Away Soccer Jersey
Green Baseball Uniform
Green Bobsled
Green Bubble Look
Green Cheerleader Outfit
Green Crosshatched Hoodie
Green Dance Sweats
Green Dragon Costume
Green Dubstep Puffle Tee
Green Duck
Green Figure Skating Dress
Green Flower Bikini
Green Football Jersey
Green Fur Lined Jacket
Green Goalie Gear
Green Grape Costume
Green Grid Hoodie
Green Hawaiian Shorts
Green Hockey Jersey
Green Hoodie
Green Keeper Kit
Green Letterman Jacket
Green Ninja Belt
Green Overshirt
Green Parka
Green Peacoat
Green Polka-Dot Dress
Green Puffle Costume
Green Quilted Coat
Green Recycle T-Shirt
Green Scene Jacket
Green Shirt
Green Skater Shirt
Green Soccer Jersey
Green Spider Costume
Green Striped Rugby Shirt
Green Suede Jacket
Green Surf Shorts
Green Tracksuit
Green Tuff Jacket
Green Tunic
Green Turtleneck (ID 226)
Green Turtleneck (ID 4741)
Green Vest
Green Wetsuit
Green Wheeler
Green Winter Jacket
Grey Shirt n’ Shorts
Grey Tracksuit
Grumpunzel’s Dress
Guardian Dog Costume
Halloween Tee
Han Solo Costume
Hans’ Horse
Hans’ Uniform
Happy Punk O’Ween
Hard Rocker Outfit
Hardscrabble Costume
Hawaiian Shirt
Hawkeye Bodysuit
Hazard Suit
Headless Horseman
Heartbreaker Armor
Helmsman Vest
Hera’s Outfit
Herbert Disguise
Here Comes Treble
Hero Hoodie
Hi-Lo Outfit
High School Hoodie Outfit
High Seas Coat