Club Penguin Beta Items List

By | March 2, 2015

In the game Club Penguin, you have a bunch of different bait items that you might come across,
and these items are not items you can obtain through regular play of the game. If you see anyone
with these items, you should know that the player is likely cheating and running a program. You
can only get these bait items by using cheat programs, there is no way to accidentally get one of
these items.

If you obtain one of these items through a cheating program and you put it in your
inventory you will be banned from playing for 72 hours, so it’s a good idea not to use any of these
items. There is also a possibility that if you are caught using a bait item that you get permanently
banned from the game all together, especially if you are caught with more than one item. To the
left of the item you will notice there is an item ID, which is how you input these items into the
cheat programs and it is the way that these items can be located in the game and in the cheat

6999­ Remove Feet Item

6128­ CeCe’s Shoes

6127­ Rocky’s Shoes

6080­ G Billy Cowboy Boots

6079­ Franky Purple Kicks

6078­ Petey K Sanuks

6000­ Frankys Red Sneakers

5999­ Remove Hand Item

5169­ CeCe’s Bracelet

5168­ Rocky’s Bracelet

5107­ G Bill Drum Sticks

5106­ Stompin’ Bob Cuff

5105­ Stompin’ Bob Electric Bass

5025­ Bob’s Bass Guitar

5024­ Franky’s Guitar

5023­ Cadence’s Boombox

5020­ Yarr

5008­ MP3K

5000­ G Billy’s Silver Drumsticks

4999­ Remove Body Item

4818­ Aunt Arctic’s Shirt

4752­ Herberts Eyebrows

4712­ Rockhopper’s Belt

4691­ CeCe’s Shirt

4690­ Rocky’s Shirt

4555­ PH Outfit

4384­ G Billy Plaid Shirt and Jeans

4383­Stompin’ Bob Black T­Shirt and Jeans

4382­Franky Jacket and Jeans

4321­ Petey K Black Vest and Jeans

4366­ Rookies Cardboard Box

4365­ Rookies Shirt

4281­ Sensei’s Water Robe

4148­ Senseis Robe Fire

4022­ Garys Coat

3999­ Remove Neck Item

3131­ CeCe’s Necklace

3130­ Rocky’s Necklace

3082­ Petey K Accordion

3016­ Petey’s Accordian

3011­ Cadence Scarf

2999­ Remove Face Item

2087­ Gary’s Glasses (ID 2087)

2034­ Petey K Shades

2015­ Senseis Beard Fire

2009­ Senseis Beard

2007­ Aunt Arctic’s Glasses

2000­ Petey Ks Sunglasses

1999­ Remove Head Item

2113­ Gary’s Glasses Feb 2013

2102­ Gary’s Glasses (Prehistoric Party)

1805­ Kermit’s Mascot Player Card

1682­ Brady (item)

1562­ Aunt Arctic’s Hat Feb 2013

1521­ Rockhopper’s Santa Hat

1476­ Rockhopper’s Hat Aug 2012

1459­ CeCe’s Hair

1458­ Rocky’s Hair

1384­ PH Hat\/Hair

1275­ G Billy Hair and Bandana

1274­ Stompin’ Bob Fowhawk Hair

1273­ Petey K Toque and Hair

1235­ Cadence’s Puffle

2030­ Rookies Sunglasses

1200­ Senseis Water Hat

1107­ Senseis Hat Fire

1068­ Senseis Hat

1044­ Aunt Arctic’s Hat

1034­ Cadence’s Wristbands

1032­ Cadence’s Hair

1003­ Petey Ks Cowboy Hat

1002­ Stompin Bobs Cowboy

1001­ G Billys Cowboy Hat

1000­ Frankys Cowboy Hat

532­ Antarctica Flag

466­ Angel Halo

442­ Rockhoppers Hat

371­ Skateboard

335­ Cement Shoes

230­ Orange Jumper

183­ Bling Bling Medallion

161­ Rockhoppers Beard

152­ Rockhoppers Eyebrows

115­ Gary’s Glasses

14­ Sensei Gray