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Club Penguin Head Items List

In Club Penguin, there are a number of clothing items you can get, which are divided into categories. One of the categories in clothing is head items, which range from default when you join to rare items that might not be available anymore. There are also a few head items which were given out during Beta Testing, while other head items are for anniversaries or special occasions. Here is a list of all of the head items you can get in Club Penguin.


1st Year Party Hat
2nd Year Party Hat
3rd Year Party Hat
4th Year Party Hat
5th Year Celebration Hat
6th Year Party Hat
6th Anniversary Hat
7th Anniversary Hat
8th Anniversary Hat
9th Anniversary Hat
A-Bomb Mask
Admirals Hat
Alaska’s Explorer Hat
Alien Antenna
Alien Thinking Cap
Alpha Headset
Alpine Hat
Alpine Helmet
Amethyst Hat
Angel Halo
Animal Head
Apple Headband
Apple Headdress
Apprentice Hat
Aqua Hipster Hat
Armored Viking Helmet
Asteroid Head
Astro Helmet
Aunt Arctic’s Hat Feb 2013
Balloon Flower Hat
Bard Hat
Baseball Helmet
Bat Wing Headband
Beaker Head
Bear Ears
Beat Dropper Hat
Beautiful Braid
Bee Antennae
Bellhop Hat
Big Bell
Bike Helmet
Bird Mascot Head
Black Cowboy Hat
Black Graduation Cap
Black Hockey Helmet
Black Ice Headband
Black Toque (ID 402)
Black Toque (ID 420)
Black Viking Helmet
Blast Off Hat R
Blizzard Helmet
Blizzard Wizard Hat
Blue Ball Cap
Blue Border Collie Hat
Blue Border Collie Headband
Blue Bunny Ears
Blue Earmuffs
Blue Felt Hat
Blue Football Helmet
Blue Fuzzy Hat
Blue Fuzzy Viking Hat
Blue Goggles
Blue Headphones
Blue Holiday Cap
Blue Lightbulb
Blue Monster Diva Mask
Blue Monster Head Fin
Blue Pompom Toque
Blue Propeller Cap
Blue Puffle Hat
Blue Skater Hat
Blue Striped Fedora
Blue Sweat Band
Blue Top Hat
Blue Toque (ID 1211)
Blue Toque (ID 438)
Blue Viking Helmet
Boba Fett Helmet
Bowler Hat
Box Hat
Brain Freeze
Brock Mask
Brown Cowboy Hat
Brown Fedora
Brown Puffle Hat
Brown Skater Hat
Brown Striped Fedora
Brown Teal Cap
Brunette Skater Pigtails
Bucket Hat
Buckle Hat
Bunny Ears
Burgundy Beanie
Butchy’s Bike Helmet
C-3PO Mask
Cadence Hair
Candy Cane Hat
Canvas Rocker Hat
Captain America Cowl
Captain Marvel Helmet
Carnival Jester Hat
Carnival Party Hat
Caroler’s Bonnet
Caveguin Helmet
Cheap Time Travel Hat
Chef Hat
Chet Mask
Chewbacca Mask
Chilly Trek Hat
Chullo Hat
Claire Mask
Class Clown Helmet
Cleo Headdress
Clown Hair
Cocoa Bunny Ears
Coins For Change Cap
Comm Helmet
Commander’s Hat
Constantine Head
Cool Down Hat
Cool Ski Beanie
Coral Crown
Cosmic Star Hat
Countess Steeple Hat
Country Jester Hat
Court Jester Hat
Cozy Hat
Crew Cap
Cruise Captain Hat
Crystal Puffle Earmuffs
Cumberband Hat
Cyborg Hat
Dark Blue Beanie
Dark Cocoa Bunny Ears
Darth Herbert’s Costume
Darth Vader Helmet
Dazzling Blue Top Hat
Delivery Hat
Delta Fedora
Delta Headset
Denim Hip Hop Hat
Dino Horns
Director’s Hat
Divers Helmet
Don Mask
Donut Conqueror
Doorman’s Cap
Driver’s Cap
Duke’s Hat
EPF Comm Headset
EPF Earpiece
EVA Space Helmet
Earflap Cap
Elf Hat
Elf Pigtails
Elsa’s Braid
Emerald Hat
Emperor Palpatine Mask
Epic Knight Helmet
Expedition Hat
Faery Hair
Feathered Hat
Feathered Tiara
Festive Hat
Festive Sombrero
Fiery Helmet
Film Director Cap
Final Frontier Helmet
Fire Headband
Firefighter Hat
First Mate’s Hat
First Merry Walrus Hat
Fish Dog Vendor Cap
Fishing Hat
Floppy Hat
Flower Hat
Flower Headdress
Football Helmet
Forest Fairy
Fozzie Bear Head
Frankenpenguin Hat
Franky’s Cowboy Hat
Freaky Tiki Headdress
French 5th Year Party Hat
Fruit Headdress
Funny Pig Hat
Fuzzy Viking Hat
G Billy’s Cowboy Hat
G Billy’s Playercard 2014
G Billy Bandana
G Billy Hair and Bandana
Gary 3000 Helmet (Robo Party)
George Mask
Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat
Girl’s Pilot Cap
Globe Hat
Glowing Pumpkin Head
Go-Karter Helmet
Goalie Helmet
Gold Princess Hat
Gold Top Hat
Gold Viking Helmet
Golden Feather Crown
Golden Knight’s Helmet
Golden Pirate Hat
Golf Hat
Graduation Cap
Graduation Hat
Grape Headband
Grape Headdress
Gray Werewolf Head
Great Horn Mask
Greedo Mask
Green Ball Cap
Green Bobsled Helmet
Green Bunny Ears
Green Cap
Green Cosmic Hat
Green Cyclops
Green Football Helmet
Green Hard Hat
Green Headphones
Green Indie Hat
Green Lightbulb
Green Paisley Bandana
Green Pom Pom Toque
Green Propeller Cap
Green Safari Hat
Green Skater Hat
Green Toque
Green Viking Helmet
Grey Fedora
Guardian Dog Hat
Happy Birthday Hat
Hard Hat
Hardscrabble Mask
Head Band
Head Lamp
Heartbreaker Helmet
Heavy Hat
Helmet of Oceans
Helmet of Shadows
Hockey Helmet
Holiday Conductor Hat
Holiday Toque
Horned Ogre Head
Hot Cross Bun
Humbug Hat
Ice Crown
Ice Party Hat
Imperial Officer Hat
Imperial Trooper Helmet
Infrared Tracker
Inky Squid Lid
Iron Fist Mask
Iron Helmet
Iron Man Cowl
Iron Patriot Helmet
Iron Spider Mask
Jack-in-the-Box Hat
Jam Cap
Jawa Mask
Jester Hat
Jeweled Viking Helmet
Johnny Mask
Jolly Roger Hat
Junior Explorer Hat
Kermit’s Mascot Player Card
Kermit the Frog Head
Khaki Rocker Cap
King’s Blue Crown
King’s Crown
King Jester Hat
Kitty Kat Hat
Knight Helmet
Knightly Helmet
Ladybug Antennae
Lavender Bunny Ears
Leather Swashbuckler’s Hat
Lela’s Bike Helmet
Loki Horns
Loose Toque
Magic Hat
Magical Crown
Magician’s Hat
Marching Band Hat
Mark 42 Helmet
McKenzie (item)
Merry Walrus (item)
Mexican Sombrero
Migrator Mascot Head
Mime Beret
Miners Helmet
Mini Sombrero
Minister Tua’s Helmet
Miss Piggy Head
Monkey King Mask
Monster Horns
Multi-Colored Chullo
Muppet Masks
Music Jam Cap
Music Splatter Hat
Mystic Headdress
Neon Green Helmet
New Player Red Baseball Hat
News Room Hat
Newspaper Hat
Nightclub Helmet
Noble Helmet
Nova Helmet
Nutcracker Hat
OK Hat
Odin Helmet
Ogre Ears
Old Boot
One Eye CDA Mask
One Man Band Hat
Ooze Mask
Optic Headset
Orange Blob
Orange Skate Spike Helmet
Orange Tabby Headband
Outback Exploring Hat
Outback Hat
PH’s Hat
PH Hat/Hair
PNK Mask
Park Ranger Hat
Party Hat
Penguin Brain Box
Penguin Cup Hat
Personal Flurry
Pete K’s Playercard 2014
Petey K Toque and Hair
Pharaoh Headdress
Pilgrim Hat
Pilot Cap
Pineapple Headband
Pineapple Headdress
Pink Ball Cap
Pink Bunny Ears
Pink Cowgirl Hat
Pink Earmuffs
Pink Lightbulb
Pink Monster Fins
Pink Pom Pom Toque
Pink Skater Hat
Pink Toque (ID 418)
Pink Toque (ID 421)
Pink Viking Helmet
Pink Visor
Pink and Yellow Chullo
Pirate Bandana
Pirate Bandanna
Police Hat
Police Helmet
Polka Dot Puffle Hat
Pork Pie Hat
Prehistoric Beta Hat
Prehistoric Helmet
Press Cap
Press Hat
Primal Headdress
Primal Helmet
Prince Redhood Hat
Princess Hat
Pro Skater Helmet
Protobot Helmet
Puffle Ball Cap
Puffle Bandana
Puffle Cap
Puffle Care Cap
Puffle Hat
Puffle Hotel Cap
Puffle Wrangler Hat
Pufflescape Ball Cap
Pumpkin Antennae
Pumpkin Cap
Pumpkin Head
Purple Ball Cap
Purple Bat Wings
Purple Headphones
Purple Lightbulb
Purple Monster Do
Purple Propeller Cap
Purple Toque
Purple Wizard Hat
Queen’s Crown
RH’s Jacket Player Card
Rad Scientist Wig
Rainbow Puffle Toque
Randy Mask
Rebel Helmet
Red Ball Cap
Red Bobsled Helmet
Red Climbing Helmet
Red Football Helmet
Red Hard Hat
Red Mohawk
Red Paisley Bandana
Red Propeller Cap
Red Riding Hood
Red and Yellow Stripey Hat
Redhead Headphones
Reindeer Antlers
Reindeer Handler Hat
Reindeer Head
Remove Head Item
Retro Cap
Ring Master Hat
Rising Sun Crown
Rock Hard Hat
Rockhopper’s Hat
Rockhopper’s Santa Hat (ID 1521)
Rocky’s Hair
Rocky Headphones
Roman Helmet
Rookie’s Hat New 2014 Player Card
Rookie’s Hat Oct 2013
Ruby Princess Hat
Russian Hat
Rustic Hat
Saber Toothed Helmet
Safari Hat
Safari Helmet
Sailor’s Cap
Sailor Hat
Salami Sun Hat
Sam Eagle Head
Santa Hat
Sapphire Princess Hat
Sea Foam Earmuffs
Security Guard Hat
Sensei’s Hat
Sensei 2013 CJ Snow Player Card
Shale Cap
Shamrock Hat
Sif Helmet
Silver Centurion Helmet
Skater Pigtails
Snow Beta Hat
Snow Day Toque
Snow Fairy Hair
Snow Goggles
Snow Headband
Snowboard Helmet
Snowman Head
Solid Gold Viking Helmet
Sombrero Cordobés
Space Helmet
Spanish Fifth Year Hat
Spiked Skateboard Helmet
Spiked Warrior Helm
Springy Pumpkins
Springy Santa Hat
Squishy’s Mom Mask
Squishy Mask
Starlit Sombrero
Stealth Tracker
Stocking Cap
Stompin’ Bob’s Cowboy Hat
Stompin’ Bob Fowhawk Hair
Stompin’ Bob Playercard 2014
Stone Chef Hat
Stormtrooper Helmet
Straw Fedora
Straw Gardening Hat
Straw Hat
Straw Sun Hat
Striped Pirate Bandana
Stripey Hat
Sulley Mask
Sunset Crown
Superfan Hat R
Swamp Monster Mask
Swashbuckler’s Hat
Swedish Chef Head
Sweet Ski Beanie
Swim Cap and Goggles
Tallest Haircut
Tan Cowboy Hat
Teddy Bear Head
The Aboo Aboo
The Abracadabra
The Adored
The Adventurer
The All Dolled Up
The All Star

Club Penguin Face Items – Complete List

In Club Penguin, there are a number of different clothing items that you can get, which are divided up into several different subcategories. Face items are one of the subcategories in the clothing category, which are all different items you can get for your face. Here is a complete list of all the face items available to you in the Club Penguin store.


2 Cool Glasses
3D Glasses
Adventure Face Paint
Alien Mask
Alpha Shades
Apple Tiki Paint
Art Costume
Aunt Arctic’s Glasses
Aviator Goggles
Aviator Sunglasses
Big Brow
Biggest Brow
Black Diva Sunglasses
Black Face Paint
Black Glasses
Black Mask
Black Scuba Mask
Black Sunglasses
Blue Alien Mask
Blue Aviator Shades
Blue Face Paint
Blue Snorkel
Blue Starglasses
Blue Sunglasses
Blue Superhero Mask
Blue Tiki Mask
Brown Face Paint
Brown Glasses
Bubble Gum
Butler Brow
Castaway Face Paint
Cat Burglar Mask
Cat Eye Sunglasses
Cat Eyes
Cavegeek Glasses
Caveguin Face Paint
Celadon Alien Mask
Comm Headset
Count Mask
Countess Makeup
Craftsman Spectacles
Creepy Doll Makeup
Crimson Shades
Curly Mustache
Dark Vision Goggles
Delta Shades
Designer Glasses
Diva Glam Eyes
Diva Sunglasses
Emerald Aviators
Fancy Lashes
Fiendish Mask
Fluffies Face Paint
Funny-Face Glasses
Funny Pig Snout
Fuzzy White Beard
G-Tech Glasses
Gary’s Glasses
Gary’s Glasses (Prehistoric Party)
Gary’s Glasses (evergreen)
Gary’s Glasses Feb 2013
Ghost Goggles
Ghoulish Mask
Giant White Sunglasses
Gold D Glasses
Gold Diva Shades
Gold Sunglasses
Golden Shades
Golden Unicorn Horn
Grape Tiki Paint
Gray Beard
Green Face Paint
Green Giant Sunglasses
Green Snorkel
Green Sunglasses
Grey Glasses
Grim Glasses
Guardian Dog Muzzle
Herberts Eyebrows
Hipster Glasses
Holiday Conductor Specs
Hot Sauce Face Paint
Hot Sauce Helmet
Humbug Spectacles
Icy Eyelashes
Icy Mask
Indie Rocker Glasses
Indigo Sunglasses
Interstellar Makeup
Jack-in-the-Box Face
Kitty Cat Eyes
Lab Goggles
Lava Mask
Leia’s Lashes
Majestic Makeup
Mask & Bandana
Mask of Justice
Metropolis Makeup
Midnight Mask
Mime Face Paint
Mud Makeup
Mystic Makeup
Nick Fury Eyepatch
Ninja Mask
Old Maid Makeup
Orange Aviator Shades
Orange Face Paint
Petey K’s Old Sunglasses
Petey K Shades (ID 2031)
Petey K Shades (ID 2034)
Pineapple Tiki Paint
Pink Diva Shades
Pink Face Paint
Pink Snorkel
Pink Starglasses
Pink Superhero Mask
Pink Tiki Mask
Pixel Shades
Police Aviators
Prehistoric Tusks
Primal Blue Face Paint
Primal Green Face Paint
Primal Pink Face Paint
Purple Face Paint
Real Teal Sunglasses
Red Face Paint
Red Nose
Red Ski Goggles
Red Sunglasses
Remove Face Item
Rhinestone Sunglasses
Robot Helmet
Rockhopper’s Eyebrows
Rookies Sunglasses
Royal Eyelashes
Sensei’s Beard
Shady Shades
Sharks Face Paint
Silver Aviators
Sinister Mask
Skeleton Mask
Ski Goggles
Skull Mask
Sleek Shades
Sleet Stopper
Slush Stopper
Smoke Goggles
Snow Stopper
Snowflake Mask
Sonic Blast Mask
Space Squids Face Paint
Spy Goggles
Star Glasses
Star Shades
Starlet Eyes
Starshine Makeup
Stealthy Shades
Stomp Mask
Stone Shades
Strawberry Sunglasses
Sunset Diva Glasses
Survival Snorkel
Swim Goggles
Swirly Glasses
Telekinesis Mask
The Burly Beard
The Golden Secret
The Mystery
The Phantom
Torrent Mask
Troll Mask
Utopia Makeup
Valiant Mask
Vampire Fangs
Vampire Grin
Viking Beard
Watermelon Tiki Paint
White Diva Sunglasses
White Face Paint
Wide Awake Eyes
Winged Eyeliner
Yellow Face Paint
Yellow Giant Sunglasses
Yellow Snorkel
Zombie Mask

Club Penguin Room Furniture Items

There are a lot of different furniture items that you can get if you play Club Penguin. Some of these furniture items are for different locations, such as your room. Here is a complete list of all the furniture items that you can get for your room if you are playing Club Penguin.


4-Way Puffle Tube
Abandoned Mine Entrance
Abandoned Mine Wall
Acacia Tree
Airport Departures Board
Ancient Archway
Ancient Bench
Ancient Couch
Ancient Recliner
Antique Clock
Antique Post Box
Arcade Game
Arch Ramp
Armor Rack
Badminton Net
Balloon Bunch
Balloon Pop Booth
Bamboo Chair
Bamboo Couch
Bamboo Stalks
Bamboo Table
Bamboo Torch
Banana Bunch Lamp
Banana Couch
Barrel (furniture)
Barrel Chair
Barrel Top
Basketball Court
Basketball Hoop
Batty Chaise Lounge
Beach Ball (furniture)
Beach Beatz
Beach Boards
Beach Party Ball
Beach Umbrella
Big Momma’s Diner
Big Screen TV
Bird Bath
Bird Cage
Birthday Cake
Blue Balloon
Blue Bench
Blue Bookshelf
Blue Chair
Blue Coaster Cart
Blue Couch
Blue Deck Chair
Blue Hydra Head
Blue Lamp
Blue Line Tunnel
Blue Ornament Chair
Blue Table
Blue Tea Set
Board Wave
Boiling Cauldron
Bone Fence
Bonsai Tree
Book Room Arm Chair
Book Room Couch
Book Room Lamp
Boss Desk
Bowling Pin
Box Ramp
Bridge of Destiny
Brushed Steel Fridge
Brushed Steel Oven
Bunk Bed
Burgundy Bookshelf
Burgundy Chair
Burgundy Couch
Burgundy Lamp
Busking Case
C-Curve Ramp
Cafeteria Delights
Camping Chair
Candy Cane (furniture)
Candy Cane Arch
Candy Cane Lantern
Candy Cauldron
Candy Fence
Candy Stash
Captain Cut-Out
Cardboard Herbert
Carousel Horse
Cash Register
Castle Entrance
Castle Gate
Cavern Chair
Cavern Couch
CD Rack
CFC Beanbag Chair
Chalk Board
Check-in Terminal
Chess Castle
Chess Knight
Chieftain’s Seat
Cinema Pod
Circular Archway
Circus Ball
Clam Chair
Classroom Chair
Classroom Desk
Classy Bookshelf
Claw Marks
Climbing Wall
Clinic Entrance
Clothes Rack
Clover Balloon
Coat Rack
Cocoa Cupcake
Coffee Couch
Coffee Maker
Coffee Table (ID 33)
Coffee Table (ID 584)
Coffin Cabinet
Coins For Change Donation Station
Comfy Crab
Comfy Stump
Computer Console
Computer Desk
Congo Drum
Construction Barrier
Construction Pylon
Construction Sign
Containment Cell
Control Terminal
Corner Booth Seat
Corner Puffle Tube
Couch (disambiguation)
Covert Agent Station
Cozy Blue Door
Cozy Green House
Cozy Porch Chair
Cozy Porch Swing
Cozy Red House
CP Air Pilot’s Chair
CP Air Seat
CP Magazine Published Reader Trophy
CP Magazine Star Trophy
CPU Chair
CPU Locker
CPU Student Desk
Crab Treasure Chest
Cream Soda (furniture)
Cream Soda Barrel
Creepy Cottage Cut-Out
Cricket Wickets
Crow’s Nest Back
Crow’s Nest Front
Crystal Ball
Crystal Candy Cane
Cursed Volume
Curved Desk
Curved Racetrack Piec
Dejarik Set
Deluxe Tool Chest
Desert Island
Desert Stones
Designer Log Stool
Diner Counter
Dinner Chair
Dinner Table
Dino Dig Site
Dinosaur Bones
Dinosaur Skull
Director’s Chair
Diving Board
DJ Booth
DJ Table (furniture)
Donation Tube
Door Mat
Double Dunk Chair
Dragon’s Gold
Dressing Screen
Dressing Table
Droid Cleaning Station
Droid Conductor
Drum Kit
Dynamic Drum
Eerie Cave
Elastic Barrier
Electric Keyboard
Electric Stove
Elegant Plants
Emergency Light
Equipment Rack
Evergreen Plant
Exercise Ball
Exercise Bike
Ezra’s Work Bench
Fair Fence
Fair Flags
Fairy Flower
Fairy Tree Stump
Fashion Show Boxes
Feed Fluffy Trashcan
Feed-a-Puffle Booth
Feeding Bucket
Ferris Wheel Chair
Festive Chair
Festive Coffee Table
Festive Fluffy Feast
Ficus Plant
Fire Extinguisher (furniture)
Fire Pit
Fish Bowl (furniture)
Flashing Flare
Flower Planter
Flower Pot
Fluffy Shrubbery
Folding Chair
Food Stand
Footlight Stage
Force Field
Formal Chair
Formal Table
Freewheelin’ Foam Pit
Frost Pillar
Frost Throne
Frozen Ledge
Fruit Pillar
Funky Bookshelf
Futura Stool
Futura Table
Fuzzy Blue Couch
Fuzzy Green Couch
Fuzzy Purple Couch
Galactic Pod Chair
Galactic Pod Couch
Gas Pump
Gate Chair
Gazing Crystal
General Store Front
Giant Candy Cane
Giant Puffle Hub
Gingerbread Chair
Gingerbread Couch
Gingerbread Man
Glowing Cauldron
Gnarled Tree
GNK Power Droid
Goblin Eye
Gold Chandelier
Gold Railroad Corner
Gold Railroad Crossing
Gold Railroad Intersection
Gold Railroad Piece
Gold Walkway
Golden Lava Pool
Golden Lava Puddle
Goofy Jack-O-Lantern
Gothic Candle Holder
Graffiti Arch Ramp
Graffiti Stair Ramp
Grand Piano
Grand Stage Arch
Grandfather Clock
Granite Kitchen Island
Granite Sink
Granite Top Cabinet
Granite Top Corner Cabinet
Granite Top Dishwasher
Granite Top Double Cabinet
Graveyard Fence
Graveyard Gate
Graveyard Plot
Green Balloon (furniture)
Green Bench
Green Bookcase
Green CP Banner
Green Deck Chair
Green Line Tunnel
Green Plastic Chair
Green Plush Chair
Green Screen
Green Vase
Guitar Stand (ID 413)
Guitar Stand (ID 871)
Gumdrop Tree
Hand Weights
Happy Jack-O-Lantern
Haunted House Entrance (furniture)
Haunted House Wall
Haunted Mansion Cut-Out
Hay Bale
Hazard Barrel
Hedge Tree
Hockey Net
Holiday Centerpiece
Holiday Fireplace
Holiday Station Clock
Holiday Tree
Hollow Tree
Holly Jolly Couch
Holly Jolly Tree
Holonet Terminal
Holonet Tracking Console
Home Stereo
Hospital Chair
Hot Drink Maker
Hot n’ Cold Crater
Hut Roof
Ice Age 3000 BCE
Ice Block
Ice Coffee Table
Ice Delivery Sleigh
Ice Dining Table
Ice Lantern
Ice Pillar
Ice Rug
Ice Sculpture Knight
Ice Table
Ice Throne
Imperial Archway
Imperial Holoprojector
Imperial Supply Crate
Imperial Throne
Imperial Wall Panel
In-line Ramp
Inflatable Chair
Inflatable Dragon
Inflatable Lounge Chair
Inflatable Sofa
Inflatable Whale
Inner Tube (item)
Inspiration Station
Iron Gate
Ironing Board
Jar of Eyes
Java Bag
Judge’s Chair
Judge’s Platform
Judge’s Table
Jumbo Remote
Jumbo TV
Jungle Bloom
Jungle Fern
Jungle Flora
Jutting Rock
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Stool
Kiwi Seat
Knightly Shrubbery
Koi Pond
Laboratory Desk
Lamp Post (ID 654)
Lamp Post (ID 867)
Large Aquarium
Large Box
Large Cactus
Large Christmas Tree
Large House Plant
Lava Pool
Lava Puddle
Lazy Bones
Leafy Roof
Leaning Tree
Leather Canopy
Left Princess Door
Lemon Cushion
Lifeguard Chair
LIN Demolitionmech Droid
Lit Stage
Log Bench
Log Cabin (furniture)
Log Chair
Log Drawers
Log Stump
Log Table
Log Wall
Long Puffle Tube
Long Security Laser
Long Solid Tube
Long Window Tube
Lounging Deck Chair
Luggage Case
Lunar Launch Booth
Magic Crystal Ball
Magical Fairy Plant
Maiden Shrubbery
Make and Bake Kitchen
Medic Tent
Medium Box
Memory Cards Booth
Mermaid Cutout
Mermaid Vanity
Merman Cutout
Merry Walrus Snow Sculpture
Merry Walrus Tree
Mexican Vase
Microphone (furniture)
Millennium Falcon Seats
Mini Ghost
Mint Chip Chair
Modern Art
Modern Chair
Modern Coffee Table
Modern Couch
Modern End Table
Monster Archway
Monster Bleachers
Monster Boombox
Monster Buffet Food
Monster Door Station
Monster Eye Pillar
Monster Library Shelves
Monster Library Table
Monster Lounge Chair
Monster Ping Pong Table
Monster Table
Mop & Bucket
Mossy Log
Music Stand
Musician’s Chair
Mysterious Mist
Neapolitan Lamp
Newspaper Stand
Ninja Cauldron
Ninja Gate
Noodle Stand
O’berry Bush
Ogre Fence
Ogre Ottoman
Ogre Table
Old Penguin Monument
Operating Room Lights
Orange Coaster Cart
Orange Inflatable Chair
Orange Inflatable Sofa
Orange Scarf Snowman
Ornate Tombstone
Painted Rocking Horse
Palm Tree
Paper Screen
Party Fountain
Party Platter
Patio Parasol
Patio Table
Paw Print
Penguin Gnome
Penguin Ice Sculpture
Penguin Mannequin
Piano Bench
Picket Fence
Picnic Table
Pineapple Table
Pink Balloon
Pink Beanbag Chair
Pink Chair
Pink Dresser
Pink Flamingo
Pink Lamp
Pink Plastic Castle
Pink Sofa
Pink Table
Pipe Organ
Pirate Barrel
Pirate Diving Board
Pirate Ship (furniture)
Pizza Oven
Planet Lamp
Plantus Fantasticus
Plasma Ball
Plastic Deck Chair
Plush Gray Chair
Pommel Horse
Poodle Plant
Popcorn Cart
Popcorn Machine
Portal Box
Potions Table
Potted Palm
Potted Poinsettia
Potted Tree
Prehistoric Gate
Prehistoric Wall
Presents (ID 140)
Presents (ID 656)
Primal Shark Arch
Princess Armoire
Princess Throne
Princess Vanity
Puffle Bean Bag
Puffle Bubble Tube
Puffle Cannon
Puffle Carrier
Puffle Cave
Puffle Freedom Statue
Puffle Guard
Puffle Jack-O-Lantern
Puffle Kennel
Puffle Paddle Booth
Puffle Pumpkin
Puffle Shop Shelf
Puffle Shop Till
Puffle Shuffle Booth
Puffle Soaker Booth
Puffle Table
Puffle Tire Swing
Puffle Tube Bend
Puffle Tube Box
Puffle Tube Tower
Puffle Tubes
Purple Beanbag Chair
Purple Coffee Table
Purple Couch
Purple Lava Lamp
Purple Pit
Purple Plastic Chair
Purple Plastic Lawn Chair
Radar Computer
Radar Screen
Railroad Corner
Railroad Crossing
Railroad Crossing Sign
Railroad Intersection
Railroad Piece
Rare Flower Pot
Recycle Bin
Red Balloon
Red Beanbag Chair
Red Biscuit Tube
Red Bookcase
Red Bridge Railing
Red Coffee Table
Red Couch
Red Hydra Head
Red Lava Lamp
Red Line Tunnel
Red Plush Chair
Regal Chair (ID 376)
Regal Chair (ID 651)
Regal Table
Regal Throne
Retro Jukebox
Rice Paper Wall
Rice Paper Wall Screen
Right Princess Door
Ring O’ Fire
River Pontoon Boat
River’s Edge
Rock Out Amp
Rocketship Lava Lamp
Rope Climbing Wall
Rosewood Chair
Rosewood Dinner Table
Royal Cannon
Royal Throne
Royal Throne (ID 343)
Royal Throne (ID 849)
Rugged Rock
Rustic Puffle Table
S-Curve Ramp
Sad Jack-O-Lantern
Safety Fence
Sand Bucket
Sand Castle Arch
Sand Castle Wall
Santa Chair
Santa Desk
Santa Hat Snowman
Scare Can
Scientific Table
Scoop Chair
Scorn Statue
Sea Stones
Sea Weed
Seismograph (furniture)
Sewing Table
Shady Lamp
Shell Chair
Shiny Red Fridge
Shiny Red Stove
Ship Deck
Ship Front Left
Ship Front Right
Ship Hull Corner
Ship Hull Side
Ship Shrouds
Ship’s Wheel
Shoe Rack
Short Mushrooms
Short Puffle Tube
Short Security Laser
Short Solid Tube
Short Spotlight
Short Window Tube
Short Wooden Steps
Silly Jack-O-Lantern
Single Flare
Six String Tune Table
Slab Recliner
Slab Sofa
Sled (furniture)
Slimy Tentacles
Sloped Wall
Slushie Maker
Small Box
Small Cactus
Small Christmas Tree
Small House Plant
Small Rock
Smoothie Machine
Smoothie Stand
Snack Stand
Snake Grass
Snow Arch
Snow Chair
Snow Clump
Snow Couch
Snow Deck Chair
Snow Fortress Wall
Snow Tower
Snow Wall
Snowman (furniture
Snowy Tree
Soccer Bean Bag
Soccer Goal
Soccer Net
Sound Station
SoundStudio Booth
Sour Apple Chair
Space Age Lights
Spark Doohickey
Spikey Plant
Spiral Coffee Tree
Spiral Lollipop
Spooky Hearth
Spooky Jack-O-Lantern
Spooky Penguin Statue
Spooky Tree
Sprouting Spectaculous
Spy Car
Stable Stall
Stacking Washer and Dryer
Stadium Bleachers
Stage Curtain
Stainless Steel Fridge
Stainless Steel Stove
Stair Ramp
Starship Console
Starship Seats
Starship Stool
Station Bench
Steel Anvil
Steering Wheel
Stone Arch Ruins
Stone Chair
Stone Column Ruins
Stone Couch
Stone Deck Chair
Stone Fireplace
Stone Gatepost
Stone Keep
Stone Lamp
Stone Lantern
Stone Table
Stone Wall
Stone Wall Ruins
Straight Booth Seat
Strawberry Seat
Student Desk
Sunken Arch
Sunken Pillar
Sunken Wall
Sunset Flowers
Super Puffle Cannon
Super Safe Pylon
Surprisus Maximus
Sushi Table
Swimming Pool
Swirly Lollipop
Sword Display
System Readout Terminal
T-joint Puffle Tube
Table for Two
Tall Grass
Tall Mushrooms
Tall Snowy Tree
Tall Spotlight
Tallest Trees
Tatooine House
Tea Table
Teacher’s Desk
Team Locker
Teddy Bear (furniture item)
Telephone Box
Tennis Net
Terracotta Pitcher
Terracotta Pot
Terracotta Vase
The Count’s Chair
The Count’s Couch
The Glowing Grin
The Laughing Lantern
The Spooky Surprise
Theater Seat
Ticket Booth
Ticket Hut
Tidal Pools
TIE Fighter Chair
Tinker Train Car
Tinker Train Engine
Top Hat Snowman
Tortoise Dining Table
Toy Maker’s Desk
Toy Train
Train Car Present
Train Crossing Sign
Train Engine Present
Training Dummy
Training Hurdle
Treasure Chest (ID 305)
Treasure Chest (ID 810)
Tree Stump
Tree Stump Chair
Trick Or Treat Pumpkin
Trophy Shelf
Tropical Hammock
Tropical Palm
Trustier Post
Trusty Post
Turtle Bowl
Umbrella Table
Unicycle Tightrope
Velvet Rope
Video Camera (furniture)
Vine Swing
Violet Velvet Rope
Volcanic Glass Side Table
Volcanic Glass Table
Watch Tower
Water Trough
Waterfall Pond
Watering Can
Watermelon Sofa
Web Rug
Weight Bench
Wheelie Board
White Plastic Chair
Wilds Puffle House
Wilds Puffle Treehouse
Winners Podium
Wish You Well
Wishing Well (ID 615)
Wishing Well (ID 846)
Wood Bench
Wood Cabinet
Wooden Crate
Wooden Post
Wooden Puffle Swing
Wooden Reindeer
Wooden Steps
Wooden Walk
Writing Desk
Wrought Iron Lamp Post
X-Ray Machine
X-wing Fighter Chair
Ye Olde Puffle Bowl
Yellow Balloon
Yellow Hydra Head

Club Penguin Furniture List – Free, Non-Member, and Pet Furniture

If you play Club Penguin, then you know there are several different types and categories of furniture that you can get. Furniture can be purchased or be free in the Club Penguin game, so you can still manage to get some spiffy things without spending any money, although the best items will cost you a few dollars. You can interchange furniture items when you need to and you can also come upon some more rare items that not everyone in the game will have access to.

Here is a complete list of all of the floor furniture, free furniture, non-member furniture, and pet furniture items that you can find in this game. You can use this items to increase the uniqueness and individuality of your habitat and provide your penguin with anything you need to match their personality.


Floor Furniture

Ancient Tree
Archaeological Dig Decal
Band Stage
Blue Floor Cushion
Blue Gym Mat
Blue Rug
Bone Bridge
Bowling Alley
Card-Jitsu Mat
Celtic Rug
Court Lines
Dance Floor
Dance Mat
Ectoplasmic Crevasse
Ectoplasmic Pit
Green Oval Rug
Green Rug
Holly Jolly Rug
Home Plate
Ice Fishing Decal
Imperial House Rug
Lava Flow
Magical Garden
Map Area Rug
Mexican Rug
Monster Rug
Nightmare Vortex
Oval Rug
Pile O’ Candy
Pile O’ Goo
Pitcher’s Mound
Puffle Rug
Puffle Stage
Puzzle Floor
Rainbow Bridge
Rebel House Rug
Rebels Area Rug
Rectangle Rug
Red Carpet
Red Gym Mat
Rock Garden
Sabre-tooth Rug
Skating Rink
Sleeping Bag
Speeder Bike
Stone Walk Way
Straight Racetrack Piece
Surf Beach Towel
Swamp Slime
Tennis Court
Torn Carpet
Trap Door
Vampire Throne
Vert Ramp
Watering Hole
Weathered Path
Welcome Mat
X Marks the Spot

Free Furniture Items

Ancient Tree
Banana Bunch Lamp
Banana Couch
Blue Hydra Head
Brown Puffle House
Covert Agent Station
Crab Treasure Chest
Dragon’s Gold
Ectoplasmic Pit
Festive Chair
Festive Light
Fruit Vine
Gold Railroad Corner
Gold Railroad Crossing
Gold Railroad Intersection
Gold Railroad Piece
Holly Jolly Couch
Ice Dining Table
Ice Rug
Ice Throne
Lava Flow
Make and Bake Kitchen
Pile O’ Candy
Pineapple Table
Puffle Cannon
Puffle Freedom Statue
Red Hydra Head
Refreshing Curtain
Santa Desk
Smoothie Stand
Sour Apple Chair
Speeder Bike
Strawberry Seat
Super Puffle Cannon
Tropical Hammock
Vampire Throne
Watermelon Sofa
Yellow Hydra Head

Non-Member Furniture

Arm Chair
Banana Bunch Lamp
Banana Couch
Door Mat
Happy Lantern Light
Pineapple Igloo
Pineapple Table
Puffle Table
Refreshing Curtain
Smoothie Stand
Sour Apple Chair
Spooky Jack-O-Lantern
The Count’s Chair
Tropical Hammock
Watermelon Sofa
Web Rug

Pet Furniture Items

Blue Bed
Blue Puffle House
Brown Bed
Brown Puffle House (ID 205)
Brown Puffle House (ID 665)
Double Dish
Green Bed
Green Puffle House
Grey Bed
Grey Puffle House
Large Scratching Post
Orange Bed
Orange Puffle House
Pink Bed
Pink Puffle House
Puffle Ball
Puffle Condo
Puffle Igloo
Puffle Tent
Puffle Tree
Puffle Washer
Purple Bed
Purple Puffle House
Red Bed
Red Puffle House
Running Wheel
Salon Chair
Scratch Tower
Small Scratching Post
Water Bottle
Water Dish
White Bed
White Puffle House
Yellow Bed
Yellow Puffle House

Club Penguin Feet Items

When you play Club Penguin, you will notice there are a lot of different clothing items that you can get, which are all divided up by which part of the body the item is for. If you are wondering what types of feet items are available, here is a complete list of what you can get in the game.


Alpha Pumps
Amber Stilettos
Ancient Dragon Feet
Anna’s Traveling Shoes
Anti Lava Boots
Aqua Sneakers
Astro Boots
Bad Boots
Ball and Chain
Ballet Shoes
Barefood Runners
Beaded Slippers
Beige Hiking Boots
Big Bad Wool Hooves
Black Checkered Shoes
Black Cowboy Boots
Black Dress Shoes
Black Flats
Black Flippers
Black Hiking Boots
Black Kicks
Black Sneakers
Black Studded Shoes
Black Top Sneakers
Black Zoot Shoes
Blue & White Flips Flops
Blue Buckle Shoes
Blue Canvas Shoes
Blue Checkered Shoes
Blue Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
Blue Dragon Feet
Blue Flippers
Blue Flower Sandals
Blue High Tops
Blue Rollerskates
Blue Skater Shoes
Blue Sneakers
Blue Stardust Slippers
Blue Striped Rubber Boots
Blue Winter Boots
Boots of Justice
Box Shoes
Brady’s Shoes
Brady’s Sneakers
Break a Leg Cast
Brown Canvas Shoes
Brown Checkered Shoes
Brown Flats
Brown Flip Flops
Brown Furry Boots
Brown Leather Boots
Brown Leather Sandals
Brown Pirate Boots
Brown Sandals
Brown Shoes
Brown Snow Bunny Boots
Bunny Slippers
Burgundy Buckle Shoes
Butchy’s Boots
Cadence Shoes
Canvas Cloud Shoes
CeCe’s Shoes
Cement Shoes
Cheechee’s Boots
Cherry Pumps
Clown Shoes
Cold Snap Sandals
Comm Boots
Commander’s Boots
Cool Ski Boots
Coral Sneakers
Cotton Sandals
Count Shoes
Cowboy Boots
Cream Sandals
Dark Brown Fuzzy Boots
Delta Sneaks
Electric Purple Runners
Elf Shoes
Elsa’s Ice Queen Shoes
Enchanted Feet
Epic Knight Shoes
Festive Footwear
Festive Socks
Figure Skates
Fire Power Shoes
Flame Sandals
Franky Purple Kicks
Fuzzy Boots
G Billy Cowboy Boots
Geta Sandals
Glacial Sandals
Gold Bunny Slippers
Gold Checkered Shoes
Gold Sneakers
Gold Sparkle Loafers
Golden Shiny Shoes
Golden Sneakers
Gray Booties
Gray Boots
Gray Furry Boots
Gray Werewolf Feet
Green Bunny Slippers
Green Checkered Shoes
Green Dragon Feet
Green Flippers
Green High Tops
Green Hiking Boots
Green Light Up Shoes
Green Rubber Boots
Green Running Shoes
Green Sandals
Green Sneakers
Green Untied Sneakers
Grey B-Boy Sneakers
Grey Loafers
Groovy Shoes
Guardian Dog Feet
Hans’ Boots
Harvest Orange Slippers
Heavy Duty Boots
High Seas Boots
Hiking Boots
Hipster Hightops
Hockey Skates
Horse Hooves
Ice Skates
Icicle Sandals
Jade Stilettos
Jet Stilettos
Kristoff’s Boots
Ladybug Shoes
Leather Moccasins
Lela’s Boots
Light Up Shoes
Lightning Power Shoes
Lime Slip Ons
Loose Yellow Sneaks
Lumberjack Boots
Magenta Sandals
McKenzie’s Beach Shoes
Monkey King Feet
Nautical Boots
Neon Pink Sneakers
Neon Sneakers
Oaken’s Shoes
Onyx Dragon Feet
Ooze Shoes
Orange Checkered Shoes
Orange Frankenfeet
Orange High Tops
Orange Sneakers
Peak Boots
Petey K’s Shoes
Pink & Purple Laced Hightops
Pink Biker Shoes
Pink Bow Dress Shoes
Pink Canvas Shoes
Pink Checkered Shoes
Pink Flip Flops
Pink Flippers
Pink Fuzzy Boots
Pink Rollerskates
Pink Sandals
Pink Sneakers
Pink Sparkly Snowshoes
Pink Striped Rubber Boots
Pirate Boots
Plate Boots
Plated Shoes
Plum Slippers
Pointy Shoes
Polished Shoes
Puffle Trainers
Pumpkin Sneakers
Purple & Yellow Laced Hightops
Purple Checkered Shoes (ID 16041)
Purple Checkered Shoes (ID 6106)
Purple Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
Purple Dragon Feet
Purple Flower Sandals
Purple High Tops
Purple Sandals
Purple Sneakers
Purple Snuggly Boots
Rainbow Checkered Shoes
Rebel Boots
Red Biker Shoes
Red Checkered Shoes
Red High Tops
Red Hiking Shoes
Red Sneakers
Red Untied Sneakers
Red and White Sneaks
Reindeer Handler Boots
Remove Feet Item
Rocky’s Shoes
Rooster Feet
Rugged Boots
Running Shoes
Sandy Flip Flops
Seafoam Slip Ons
Seismic Sandals
Sensei’s Epic Sandals
Shade Sandals
Shiny Slippers
Silver Stilettos
Slate Untied Sneakers
Sled Tube Boots
Sneaky Sneakers
Snow Monkey Feet
Snowboard Boots
Snowy Night Boots
Sparkle Sneakers
Sparkly Amber Shoes
Sparkly Emerald Shoes
Sparkly Sea Foam Slippers
Squeak-Proof Shoes
Squiggle Shoes
Stardust Slippers
Stomp Shoes
Stompin’ Boots
Sturdy Brown Boots
Sturdy Green Boots
Summit Boots
Sunburst Sandals
Sunset Dress Shoes
Sven Hooves
Swamp Monster Feet
Sweet Shoes
Sweet Ski Boots
Tactical Boots
Tan Boots
Telekinesis Shoes
Tennis Shoes
Toy Robot Feet
Trek Boots
Troll Feet
Undercover Shoes
Unicorn Hooves
Untied Violet Sneakers
Village Jester Shoes
Villager Shoes
Vintage Boots
Water Power Shoes
Wave Sandals
Werewolf Feet
White Checkered Shoes
White Dress Shoes
White Patent Shoes
White Sandals
White Sneaks
White Untied Sneakers
Wind Power Shoes
Winter Boots
Woodland Reindeer Hooves
Wool Socks
Yellow Checkered Shoes
Yellow Flippers
Yellow Hiking Shoes
Yellow Rubber Boots
Yellow Sandals
Yellow Sneakers

Club Penguin Hand Items – Complete List

When you play Club Penguin, you will have an opportunity to dress up your penguin in various clothing items. One of the categories of clothing items that you have to choose from is hand items, such as bracelets and rings. These items are worn on the flippers and can be changed whenever you want, although some items might only be part of a special event. Here is the complete list of hand items that you can get for your penguin if you play Club Penguin.When you play Club Penguin, you will have an opportunity to dress up your penguin in various clothing items. One of the categories of clothing items that you have to choose from is hand items, such as bracelets and rings. These items are worn on the flippers and can be changed whenever you want, although some items might only be part of a special event. Here is the complete list of hand items that you can get for your penguin if you play Club Penguin.


2014 Penguin Cup Blue
2014 Penguin Cup Green
2014 Penguin Cup Red
2014 Penguin Cup Yellow
500 Carat Diamond Ring
Acid Guitar!
Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Sunburst Guitar
Anakin’s Lightsaber
Anchor Charm
Animal’s Drum Sticks
Antique Mirror
Arctic Cuffs
Arendelle Banner
Arendelle Royal Regalia
BFF Bracelet
Back-to-School Haul
Bad Bear Skateboard
Ball Of Yarn
Balloon Blade
Baseball Glove
Beach Towel
Big Lollipop
Binoculars (item)
Black Electric Guitar
Black MP3000
Black Motorbike
Black Pompoms
Black and Red T-rex Puffle Egg
Blue Balloon Sword
Blue Book
Blue Cotton Candy
Blue Double Guitar
Blue Electric Bass
Blue Electric Guitar
Blue Foam Finger
Blue Hand Weights
Blue Lightsaber
Blue Mittens
Blue Motorbike
Blue Pompoms
Blue Puffle Stuffie
Blue Shield
Blue Snare Drum
Blue Triceratops Puffle Egg
Blue Water Bottle
Blue Water Wings
Bob’s Bass Guitar
Book of Carols
Boom Mic
Bow and Arrows
Brady’s Surfboard
Brainwave Gloves
Brief Case
Bronze Award
Brown Leather Cuffs
Brown Leather Watch
Brown Pompoms
Bubble Ray Gun
Bull Cape
Bunch of Balloons
Butchy’s Gloves
Cadence’s Boombox
Cadence’s Puffle
Cadence’s Wristbands
Campfire Marshmallow
Candy Apple
Candy Cane Cane
Candy Cane Wing-warmers
Candy Pirate Hook
Candy Wing Warmers
Captain America Shield
Carnival Cane
CeCe’s Bracelet
Checkered Flag
Cherry Balloon
Cloud Wave Bracers
Cloudy Umbrella
Coffee Tray
Construct Power Gloves
Cool Mittens
Cosmic Super Gloves
Cosmic Umbrella
Countess Bangles
Country Jester Staff
Cream Pie
Creepy Candle
Crimson Lance and Shield
Crook & Flail
Crystal Shards Power Gloves
Crystal Staff
Cybernetic Arm
Daisy Surfboard
Darth Vader’s Lightsaber
Denim Purse
Deserted Island Slingshot
Desi-bel Record
Diamond Bracelet
Dino-leather Shield
Dino Claws
Double Necked Guitar
Dual Lightsabers
Electro Blast Gloves
Emperor Palpatine Cane
Epic Staff and Shield
Every Flavor Ice Cream
Eye of Newt Gumballs
Ezra’s Slingshot
Festival Record
Festive Maracas
Film Script
Fire Blossom Fan
Fire Nunchaku
Fireball Gloves
Fireproof Gloves
Fireworks Bangle
First Aid Kit
Fishing Rod
Flame Surfboard
Flashing Lure Fishing Rod
Floral Clutch Bag
Flower Basket
Fluffies Vuvuzela
Fluffy Skateboard
Fluffy Stuffie
Foraged Bracelet
Force Wave Power Gloves
Franky’s Guitar
Freaky Tiki Staff
Freezing Super Gloves
Friendship Bracelet
Funky Record
Fuzzy Wrist Bands
G Billy’s Silver Drumsticks
Galactic Pink Skateboard
Garden Shovel
Gardening Rake
Ghost Vial
Ghostly Gallop
Ghostly Suitcase
Ghoul Detector 3000
Girl Next Door Guitar
Glitter Microphone
Glow Bracelets
Goalie Hockey Stick
Gold Award
Gold Bling Bracelet
Gold Bracelets
Gold Cane
Gold MP3000
Gold Shield
Gold Staff and Shield
Gold Wristwatch
Golden Bangles
Golden Guitar
Golden Laptop
Golden Microphone
Golden Off-Roader
Golden Shield
Gourmet O’Berries
Grape Balloon
Grape Spear
Grappling Hook
Green Balloon (item)
Green Chic Purse
Green Foam Finger
Green Keytar
Green MP3000
Green Mittens
Green Motorbike
Green Pompoms
Green Racing Sled
Green Shield
Green and Blue Maracas
Grey Mittens
Grey Shovel
Hand Gong
Hard Rock Guitar
Hawkeye Quiver & Bow
Hera’s Blaster
Hockey Stick
Holiday Lantern
Holiday Teddy
Hot Chocolate (item)
Hot Cocoa
Hot Sauce Vuvuzela
House Blend Record
Hydro-tester 3000
Ice Cap Cuffs
Ice Cream Cone
Indigo Pompoms
Inspector’s Magnifying Glass
Iron Lantern
Jailor’s Keys
Jeweled Cutlass
Jungle Record
Kite (item)
Kiwi Purse
Kloo Horn
Kristoff’s Lute
Leather Arm Band
Leather Bangle
Leather Bracelets
Leather Watch
Lemon Balloon
Life Ring (clothing)
Lime Laptop
Little Jack
Little Red Wagon
Luke’s Lightsaber
MP3000 Bling Edition
MP3000 Workout
Magic Potion
Magic Staff
Magic Surfboard
Magic Wand
Magical Book
Magical Wand
Magician’s Wand
Magma Power Gloves
Magnifying Glass
Marshmallow Stick
Masquerade Fan
Mauve Mittens
McKenzie’s Surfboard
Mexican Maracas
Microphone (clothing item)
Milk and Cookies
Mint Purse
Mixed Bracelets
Money Bag
Monster Muzak
Mop and Bucket
Navy Clutch
Neon Blue Longboard
Neon Green Longboard
Noble Steed
Off the Cuff
Oil Slick Guitar
Old West Lasso
Ooze Power Gloves
Orange Balloon
Orange Double Necked Guitar
Orange MP3000
Orange Pompoms
Orange Shield
Overflowing Suitcase
Paddle Ball
Pair of Maracas
Party Bracelets
Pearl Clutch Bag
Penguin Cup Ball
Penguin Cup Flag
Penguin Cup Foam Finger
Penguin Play Award
Pink Cotton Candy
Pink Electric Guitar
Pink Hand Weights
Pink Ice Cream
Pink MP3000
Pink Microphone
Pink Mittens
Pink Motorbike
Pink Pompoms
Pink Purse
Pink Racing Sled
Pink Stegosaurus Puffle Egg
Pink Striped Wakeboard
Pirate’s Hook
Pirate Arm Bands
Pirate Flag
Piratey Stuffie
Pocket Watch
Polka Dot Umbrella
Popcorn (item)
Pot O’Gold
Prehistoric Kite
Prehistoric Sling Shot
Prehistoric Staff
Primal Bracers
Puffle Umbrella
Puffle Watch
Pumpkin Basket
Purple Boom Box (ID 15142)
Purple Boom Box (ID 5159)
Purple Electric Bass
Purple Lightsaber
Purple MP3000
Purple Pompoms
Purple Shield
Purple T-rex Puffle Egg
Race Car Controller
Rainbow Board
Range Finder
Rebel’s Flag
Red Electric Guitar
Red Flag
Red Foam Finger
Red Longboard
Red Mittens
Red Motorbike
Red Pompoms
Red Shield
Red Triceratops Puffle Egg
Reggaetron Record
Reindeer Carrots
Remove Hand Item
Rescue Buoy
Rescue Off-roader
Rescue Ring
Resort Brochure
Retro Joystick
Robot Remote Control
Rocky’s Bracelet
Rogue’s Rapier
Royal Blue Scepter
Royal Scepter
Rugged Radio
Sabine’s Spray Gun
Salad Tongs
Santa’s Sleigh
Scare Games Trophy
School Shopping
Sea Fishing Rod
Search & Rescue Snowmobile
Search Flashlight
Sharks Vuvuzela
Shell Bracers
Shell Cuffs
Shocking Super Gloves
Sif’s Sword
Silver Award
Silver Bell
Silver Surfboard
Silver Wand
Silver Watch
Simple Walking Stick
Six-string Axe
Skyward Staff
Slider Cell
Smitten Mittens
Snow Rose Fan
Snow Shovel
Snow Shuriken
Soccer Ball
Space Squids Vuvuzela
Spikester Cuffs
Sponsored Pro Skateboard
Squeaky Ball
Squid Scrunch
Staff and Shield
Staff of Wonder
Steel Shield
Steel Watch
Stinky Cheese Sword
Stompin’ Bob Cuff
Stompin Bob Cuff
Stone Hair Dryer
Stone Hatchet
Stony Bracelet
Stop Watch
Storm Cloud Bracers
Storm Lantern
Striped Pompoms
Stuffed Bunny
Stuffed Suitcase
Summer Beach Ball
Summer Punch
Sushi Combo
Sushi Tray
Sushi and Soda
Sweet Mittens
Sweet Spikester Cuffs
Sword of Virtue
Teal Bracelet
Tech-book 3000
Teddy Bear (item)
Telekinesis Power Gloves
Tennis Gear
Tennis Racket
The Golden Soccer Ball
The Holiday Express
The Inquisitor’s Lightsaber
The Puffle Premier
The Rainbow Zephyr
The Sweet-tooth Special
The Wheel
Throwing Disc
Thunder Blade
Tiki Shield
Treasure Maps
Triceratops Shield
Trick-or-Treat Bag
Trick-or-Treat Basket
Tropical Smoothie
Trusty Spear
Turtle (item)
Ugg Club
Video Camera (ID 5054)
Water Bottle (clothing)
Water Hammer
Water Lotus Fan
Water Wings
White Pompoms
Wind-up Mouse
Witch’s Broom
Witch Wing Warmers
Wooden Sword
Wooden Wheelie Puffle
Wrist Wrap
Yarr (item)
Yellow Arrow Wakeboard
Yellow Bass Guitar
Yellow Foam Finger
Yellow Pompoms
Yellow Shield
Yellow Stegosaurus Puffle Egg
Zero G Gloves2014 Penguin Cup Blue

Club Penguin Body Items List

If you play Club Penguin, you might be wondering what items are available to dress up your penguin in. There are several clothing items available for your penguin, which are separated into categories depending on which part of the body the clothing item is for. Here is a complete list of body clothing items you can get for your penguin, which include dresses and costumes.


A-Bomb Bodysuit
A Splash of Summer Dress
Admiral Jacket
Admirals Coat
Adventurous Hoodie
African Painted Dog Costume
Agent Kallus’ Outfit
Alien Costume
Allosaurus Hoodie
Alpha Suit
Amethyst Dress
Among the Stars Mint Dress
Ancient Dragon
Ancient Gold Dragon
Ancient Robes
Animal Costume
Anna’s Coronation Dress
Anna’s Traveling Clothes
Apple Costume
Apple Tiki Costume
Apple Tiki Dress
Aqua Bikini
Aqua Sarong
Aqua Striped T-Shirt
Archaeologist Outfit
Arctic Camouflage Suit
Armored Ogre Costume
Around Town Outfit
Asteroid Costume
Astro Barrier T-Shirt
Astro Suit
Aunt Arctic’s Shirt
Autumn Floral Outfit
Avalanche Suit
Baby Blue Blouse
Baby Blue Shoulder Shirt
Back-to-School Outfit
Baker’s Apron
Ballerina Costume
Balloon Vendor
Bard Outfit
Be Heard Campaign Shirt
Beach Dress
Beach Ready Outfit
Beaker Costume
Bear Costume
Beat Dropper Outfit
Bee Costume
Beige Explorer Outfit
Beta Grid Sweater
Beta Hat T-Shirt
Big Bad Wool Suit
Big Deal Hoodie
Big Momma’s Outfit
Biker Girl Outfit
Black Cowboy Shirt
Black Hawaiian Shorts
Black Hoodie
Black Ice Training Plates
Black Jedi Robes
Black Leather Jacket
Black Letterman Jacket
Black Ninja Belt
Black Parka
Black Party Dress
Black Penguin Band Hoodie
Black Puffle Costume
Black Puffle Don’t Care Tee
Black Skater Shirt
Black Soccer Jersey
Black Suit
Black T-Shirt
Black Vest Outfit
Black Whirlpool Snowsuit
Black Widow Bodysuit
Black Zip Hoodie
Black and Green Two-tone Hoodie
Black and Red Sailor Shirt
Blacksmith Apron
Blizzard (item)
Blizzard Wizard Robe
Blue-Sky Dress
Blue Alien Costume
Blue Away Goalie Gear
Blue Away Hockey Jersey
Blue Away Soccer Jersey
Blue Baseball Uniform
Blue Basketball Jersey
Blue Blend Hoodie
Blue Board Shorts
Blue Border Collie Costume
Blue Border Collie Hoodie
Blue Buccaneer Dress
Blue Buckle-Up
Blue CP Hoodie Outfit
Blue Casual Duds
Blue Cheerleader Outfit
Blue Cheerleading Sweater
Blue Crab
Blue Crosshatch Hoodie
Blue Crystal Puffle Costume
Blue Daisy Hoodie
Blue Dazzle Dress
Blue Doublet
Blue Dragon Costume
Blue Duck
Blue Duffle Coat
Blue Expedition Jacket
Blue Fade Hoodie
Blue Football Jersey
Blue Goalie Gear
Blue Hip Hop Hoodie
Blue Hockey Jersey
Blue Hoodie
Blue Keeper Kit
Blue Letterman Jacket
Blue Mermaid Costume
Blue Ninja Belt
Blue Off The Shoulder
Blue Polo Shirt
Blue Polo and Denim
Blue Puffle Costume
Blue Racing Bathing Suit
Blue Shirt
Blue Shorts
Blue Snow Jacket
Blue Snowflake Bauble
Blue Soccer Jersey
Blue Star Swimsuit
Blue Striped Raincoat
Blue Surf Shorts
Blue Torero Suit
Blue Track & Field Uniform
Blue Track Jacket
Blue Tracksuit
Blue Trendy Shirt
Blue Turtleneck
Blue Tuxedo
Blue Wheeler
Blue Winter Jacket
Blue Zoot Suit
Blue and Red Soccer Jersey
Blue and White Two-tone Hoodie
Blueberry Bunny Costume
Boba Fett Costume
Boho Style Outfit
Bone Gray Togs
Box Costume
Boy’s Sweater Vest
Brady’s Beach Outfit
Brady’s Biker Outfit
Brady (item)
Breezy Dress
Brock Costume
Brown Bat Costume
Brown Ninja Belt
Brown Puffle Costume
Brown Viking Costume
Bubble Dress
Bubblegum Cheerleader Outfit
Build Safe Places T-Shirt
Bull Target Costume
Business Dress
Business Fashion
Butchy’s Outfit
Butler Suit
Buttercup Ball Gown
Butterfly Dress
Butterfly T-Shirt
C-3PO Costume
CDA Suit
CP Air Uniform
Camo Hoodie
Candy Corn Costume
Canister Camouflage
Canoeing Outfit
Captain’s Coat
Captain’s Greatcoat
Captain America Bodysuit
Captain Marvel Bodysuit
Capture Equipment
Cargo Jacket
Caribbean T-Shirt
Carnival Barker Outfit
Caroler’s Dress
Castaway’s Clothing
Casual Suit Jacket
Casual Summer Threads
Cat Burglar Outfit
Cavegeek Outfit
Caveguin Pizza Apron
CeCe’s Outfit
Celadon Alien Costume
Chain Mail and Tabard
Check My Moves Vest
Checked Crop Coat
Cheechee’s Outfit
Cherry T
Chet Costume
Chewbacca Costume
Chic Sweater Vest
City’s Finest Uniform
City Lights T-Shirt
City Top and Jacket
Claire Costume
Classic Blue Dress
Classic Summer Outfit
Classic Vampire Costume
Classical T-Shirt
Classy Agent Suit
Classy Holiday Outfit
Classy T-Shirt
Classy Vampire Outfit
Claus-ette Outfit
Clear Sky Suit
Cleo Dress
Clerk Outfit
Clown-Around Costume
Clown Suit
Club Shirt
Coach Outfit
Coat of Frost
Cocoa Bunny Costume
Coffee Apron
Collared Blue Shirt
Color Me Bold Outfit
Color Me Cool Outfit
Color Splash Hoodie
Colored Hearts Hoodie
Coming Up Roses
Comm Gear
Commander’s Outfit
Commander Coat
Conductor’s Suit
Cookie Serving Apron
Cool Ski Suit
Coral Mermaid Costume
Corsair Coat
Cotton Candy Cut-Offs
Count Costume
Countess Costume
Countess Dress
Country Jester
Court Jester Outfit
Cow Costume
Cowboy Outfit
Cowboy Vest
Cozy Toga
Cozy Winter Coat
Crab Costume
Cranberry Decoration
Crashing Wave Gi
Creative Hoodie
Creepy Cutie T-Shirt
Creepy Doll Costume
Crimson Plate Mail
Crimson Sun Suit
Crock Costume
Crow’s Nest Vest
Cruise Captain Jacket
Cruise Host
Crystal Shards Suit
Custom Hoodie
Custom Soccer Jersey
Custom T-shirt
Daisies and Denim
Daisy Daydream Outfit
Daisy Zippered Hoodie
Damsel’s Dress
Dance Crew Outfit
Dapper Sweater Vest
Dark Cocoa Bunny Costume
Dark Denim Jacket
Dark Detective’s Coat
Darth Herbert’s Costume
Darth Vader Costume
Dazzle Dress
Dazzling Blue Tuxedo
Deep Diver Suit
Deep Sea Diving Suit
Deflection Vest
Delivery Outfit
Delta Suit
Delux Tux
Deserted Beachwear
Detective’s Coat
Diamond Gown
Dig Team Gear
Dinosaurus Rex
Distinguished Suit
Divers Suit
Don Costume
Doom Drone (item)
Doorman’s Jacket
Downtown Dress
Dubstep DJ Outfit
Dubstep Puffle T-Shirt
Duchess’ Dress
Duke’s Outfit
EPF Suit
EPF Workout Hoodie
EVA Space Suit
Earthquake Coat
Easy Listening Shirt
Electric Summer Outfit
Electro T-Shirt
Elegant Ensemble
Elemental Balance Gi
Elephant Costume
Elf Suit
Elite Body Armor
Elite Tactical Armor
Elsa’s Coronation Dress
Elsa’s Ice Queen Dress
Emerald Dress
Emerald Kilt
Emerald Princess Gown
Emperor Palpatine Cloak
Enchanted Dragon
Enchanted Fairy Dress
Endless Summer Outfit
Epic Knight Armor
Evergreen Decoration
Evergreen Snow Vest
Extra Cheesy Costume
Ezra’s Outfit
Fabulous Hoodie
Faery Costume
Fairy Flight Outfit
Fairy Gown
Fairy Princess Dress
Fall Leather Jacket
Fashionable Fuchsia Outfit
Feather Fringe
Festive Sweater
Fiendish Suit
Final Frontier Suit
Fire Hydrant Costume
Fire Kimono
Fire Ninja Gi
Fire Training Plates
Firefighter Jacket
First Maiden Outfit
First Mate’s Outfit
Fish Costume
Fishing Vest
Flamenco Dress
Flannel Shirt
Flare Hoodie
Flit Hoodie
Floating on Ice Dress
Floral Bikini
Floral Shirt
Flower Palm Dress
Fluffy Gown
Fluorescent Freestyle Threads
For Science!
Forest Maiden Gown
Forest Ninja Suit
Fozzie Bear Costume
Frankenpenguin Costume
Franky Jacket and Jeans
Franky Tee
Freaky Tiki Outfit
Freestyle Threads
Frozen Armor
Funny Pig Costume
Furry Shorts
Furry Togs
Fuzzy Blue Vest
Fuzzy Coat and Tights
Fuzzy Experiment
Fuzzy Polka Dot Bikini
G Billy Plaid Shirt and Jeans
Galactic Hoodie
Galactic Space Suit
Gamma Gal Costume
Garys Coat
Gentle Hoodie
George Costume
Ghost Catcher Uniform
Ghost Costume
Ghost Pirate Costume
Ghost Puffle Costume
Ghost of Today
Ghost of Tomorrow
Ghost of Yesterday
Ghoul Detector Jumpsuit
Ghoul Dress
Ghoul Outfit
Ghoul Suit
Giggle’s Pink Outfit
Gingerbread Cookie Costume
Gingerbread Costume
Girl’s Sweater Vest
Glacier Suit
Glam Glam Gown
Glam Star Outfit
Glowing Grid Jacket
Gnome Costume
Go-Karter Suit
Goalie Jersey
Goes with Everything Shirt
Gold Decoration
Gold Figure Skating Dress
Gold Letterman Jacket
Gold Princess Dress
Gold Puffle Hoodie
Golden Bumper Car
Golden Hoodie
Golden Knight’s Armor
Golden Quilted Coat
Golden Sun Suit
Goldsmith Apron
Golf Cart
Grape Bunch Costume
Grape Tiki Costume
Grape Tiki Dress
Grass Skirt
Gravedigger Suit
Gray Pinstripe Suit
Gray Pirate Coat
Gray Werewolf Costume
Greedo Costume
Green Away Goalie Gear
Green Away Hockey Jersey
Green Away Soccer Jersey
Green Baseball Uniform
Green Bobsled
Green Bubble Look
Green Cheerleader Outfit
Green Crosshatched Hoodie
Green Dance Sweats
Green Dragon Costume
Green Dubstep Puffle Tee
Green Duck
Green Figure Skating Dress
Green Flower Bikini
Green Football Jersey
Green Fur Lined Jacket
Green Goalie Gear
Green Grape Costume
Green Grid Hoodie
Green Hawaiian Shorts
Green Hockey Jersey
Green Hoodie
Green Keeper Kit
Green Letterman Jacket
Green Ninja Belt
Green Overshirt
Green Parka
Green Peacoat
Green Polka-Dot Dress
Green Puffle Costume
Green Quilted Coat
Green Recycle T-Shirt
Green Scene Jacket
Green Shirt
Green Skater Shirt
Green Soccer Jersey
Green Spider Costume
Green Striped Rugby Shirt
Green Suede Jacket
Green Surf Shorts
Green Tracksuit
Green Tuff Jacket
Green Tunic
Green Turtleneck (ID 226)
Green Turtleneck (ID 4741)
Green Vest
Green Wetsuit
Green Wheeler
Green Winter Jacket
Grey Shirt n’ Shorts
Grey Tracksuit
Grumpunzel’s Dress
Guardian Dog Costume
Halloween Tee
Han Solo Costume
Hans’ Horse
Hans’ Uniform
Happy Punk O’Ween
Hard Rocker Outfit
Hardscrabble Costume
Hawaiian Shirt
Hawkeye Bodysuit
Hazard Suit
Headless Horseman
Heartbreaker Armor
Helmsman Vest
Hera’s Outfit
Herbert Disguise
Here Comes Treble
Hero Hoodie
Hi-Lo Outfit
High School Hoodie Outfit
High Seas Coat

Club Penguin Stamps List – Item Codes

In Club Penguin, you can get stamps by working together with other players and also by playing games. Stamps are put into four different categories based on the difficulty of achieving them, such as easy, medium, hard or extreme. Each member has their own stamp book that collects the stamps which can be earned through a variety of games and events, with over 352 stamps being available so far.



Event Stamps

Rockhopper stamp

Gary Stamp

Cadence Stamp

Franky Stamp

G Billy Stamp

Petey K Stamp

Stompin’ Bob Stamp

PH Stamp

Aunt Arctic stamp

Sensei stamp

Rookie Stamp

Herbert Stamp

Party Stamps

Puffle Party Stamp

Snack Shack Stamp

Celebration Stamp

Construction Stamp

Explorer Stamp

Volunteer Stamp

Out at Sea Stamp

Food Fight Stamp

Go Green Stamp

Snowboarder Stamp

Happy Room Stamp

Party Puzzle Stamp

Target Champion Stamp

Monster Mash Stamp

Scavenger Hunt Stamp

Path Finder Stamp

Noble Knight Stamp

Tree Mob Stamp

Music Maestro Stamp

Trick-or-Treat Stamp

Top Volunteer Stamp

Stunt Penguin Stamp

Mountaineer Stamp

Epic Volunteer stamp

Activities Stamps

Stage Crew Stamp

Underground Stamp

Snapshot Stamp

Go Swimming Stamp

Clock Target Stamp

Field Agent Stamp

Puffle Dig Stamp

Tasty Treasure Stamp

183 Days! Stamp

Going Places Stamp

Dance Party Stamp

Igloo Party Stamp

Coffee Server Stamp

Pizza Waiter Stamp

Special Agent Stamp

Special Forces Stamp

First Dig Stamp

Dig All Day Stamp

Every Color Stamp

365 days! Stamp

Full House Stamp

Play It Loud! Stamp

Berg Drill! Stamp

Fort Battle Stamp

Hockey Team Stamp

Elite Protector Stamp

Big Dig Stamp

Treasure Box Stamp

Soccer Team Stamp

Party Host Stamp

Ninja Meeting Stamp

Island Guardian Stamp

3 Gems Stamp

Games Stamps

Squid Spotter Stamp

Aqua Puffle Stamp

Soda Success Stamp

Clam Success Stamp

Soda Master Stamp

Clam Master Stamp

Get Fluffy Stamp

Get the Worm Stamp

Bubble Catch Stamp

Pearl Capture Stamp

Clam Treasure Stamp

Soda Treasure Stamp

Clam Compress Stamp

Soda Compress Stamp

Clam Pressure Stamp

Soda Pressure Stamp

Clam Timer Stamp

Soda Timer Stamp

Crab’s Treasure Stamp

Mullet Capture Stamp

Astro Barrier

Astro 5 Stamp

Astro 5 Max Stamp

Astro 40 Stamp

Ship Blast Stamp

1-up Blast Stamp

Astro Secret Stamp

Astro 10 Max Stamp

Astro 20 Max Stamp

Astro Expert Stamp

Astro30 Max Stamp

Astro 1-up Stamp

Astro Master Stamp


Grasshopper Stamp

Elemental Win Stamp

Fine Student Stamp

Flawless Victory Stamp

One Element Stamp

True Ninjas Stamp

Ninja Master Stamp

Match Master Stamp

Sensei Card Stamp

Full Dojo Stamp


Card-Jitsu: Fire

Warm Up Stamp

Score Fire Stamp

Fire Midway Stamp

Strong Defense Stamp

Fire Suit Stamp

Fire Ninja Stamp

Max Energy Stamp

Fire Expert Stamp

Card-Jitsu: Snow

Fire Ninja Stamp

Snow Ninja Stamp

Water Ninja Stamp

Revive Stamp

3 Ninja Combo Stamp

Up and at ’em Stamp

Huge Heal Stamp

Snow Shield Stamp

Wave Boost Stamp

Power Card Pro Stamp

Snow Pro Stamp

4 Ninja Combo Stamp .

Team Revival Stamp

Heal 15 Stamp

Tidal Wave Stamp

Fire Blast Stamp

Fire Blast Combo Stamp

3 Combos Stamp

Full Health Stamp

Bonus Win Stamp

Final Battle Stamp

Card-Jitsu: Water

Gong! Stamp

Watery Fall Stamp

Water Expert Stamp .

Water Midway Stamp

Water Suit Stamp

Water Ninja Stamp

Two Close Stamp

Skipping Stones Stamp

Cart Surfer

Great Balance Stamp

Cart Pro Stamp

Mine Marvel Stamp

Mine Mission Stamp

Trick Master Stamp

Puffle Power Stamp .

Cart Expert Stamp

Mine Grind Stamp

Surf’s Up Stamp

Flip Mania Stamp

Ultimate Duo Stamp

Cart Master Stamp

Catchin’ Waves

First Trick Stamp

Puffle Surfin’ Stamp

Easy Flip Stamp

Easy Tube Stamp

Easy Grind Stamp

Graduate Stamp

Easy Spin Stamp

Trick Star Stamp

Podium Puffle Stamp

Flip Star Stamp

Easy Jump Stamp

Super Tube Stamp

Super Spin Stamp

Super Grind Stamp

Max Grind Stamp

First Place Stamp

Max Flips Stamp

High Jump Stamp

Max Tube Stamp

Max Spin Stamp

Shark! Stamp

Survivor Stamp

Ice Fishing

Snack Attack Stamp

Shock King Stamp

Fishtastic Stamp

Worm Win Stamp

Crab Cuts Stamp

Afishionado Stamp

Gray Goodies Stamp

Prize Mullet Stamp

Fly Fisher Stamp

Ace Angler Stamp

Jet Pack Adventure

Lift Off Stamp

Fuel Rank 1 Stamp

Puffle Pilot Stamp

Jet Pack 5 Stamp

Crash! Stamp

Fuel Rank 2 Stamp

Fuel Rank 3 Stamp

Fuel Rank 4 Stamp

Fuel Rank 5 Stamp

1-up Leader Stamp

Puffle Bonus Stamp

Kerching! Stamp

Fuel Command Stamp

Fuel Wings Stamp

1-up Captain Stamp

Puffle Plus Stamp

Ace Pilot Stamp

Puffle Boost Stamp


Mission 1 Medal Stamp

Aunt Arctic Letter Stamp

Mission 2 Medal Stamp

G’s Letter Stamp

Mission 3 Medal Stamp

Thank You Card Stamp

Mission 4 Medal Stamp

Handy Award Stamp

Mission 5 Medal Stamp

Pizza Box Stamp

Mission 6 Medal Stamp

Blueprint Stamp

Mission 7 Medal Stamp

Pennant Stamp

Mission 8 Medal Stamp

Cool Gift Stamp

Mission 9 Medal Stamp

Chocolate Box Stamp

Mission 10 Medal Stamp

Employee Award Stamp

Mission 11 Medal Stamp

Snow Globe Stamp

Pizzatron 3000

Food Fiasco Stamp

Just Dessert Stamp

Chef Hat Stamp

Spice Sea Stamp

Cocoa Beans Stamp

Fiery Squids Stamp

Candy Land Stamp

Pizza Chef Stamp

Pizza Master Stamp

Dessert Chef Stamp

Puffle Launch

Begin Build Stamp

Launch Ready Stamp

Crab Attack Stamp

Quick Launch Stamp

Turbo Time Stamp

Epic Cannon Stamp

Crab Crash Stamp

Crab Battle Stamp

Supersonic Launch Stamp

Turbo Battle Stamp

Puffle Rescue

1 Coin Bag Stamp

Quick Catch Stamp

Rapid Rescue Stamp

1 Coin Bubble Stamp

SOS 30 Stamp

2 Coin Bags Stamp

Snow Student stamp

Cave Coins stamp

Cave Coins Plus stamp

Super Catch stamp

Easy Cannon stamp

Close Call Stamp

Express Rescue Stamp

10 Sea Levels Stamp

2 Coin Bubbles Stamp

SOS 60 Stamp

3 Coin Bags Stamp

Snow Master Stamp

Cave Coins Max Stamp

Expert Catch Stamp

Super Cannon Stamp

Extreme Rescue Stamp

20 Sea Levels Stamp

3 Coin Bubbles Stamp

Snow Hero Stamp

Extreme Cannon Stamp

30 Sea Levels Stamp


Bonus Snack Stamp

On a Roll Stamp

Puzzle Pro Stamp

Puffle O Feast Stamp

Bite in Time Stamp

Extreme Puzzler Stamp

Master Roller Stamp

Quick Snack Stamp

Epic Roller Stamp

Ice Master Stamp

Fast Food Stamp

Light Speed Launch Stamp

Turbo Master Stamp

Smoothie Smash

Fruit Squeeze Stamp

Berry Smart Stamp

Beary Berry Stamp

Shipshake Stamp

Tasty Treat Stamp

Fruit Splatter Stamp

Fruit Power Stamp

Deflector Stamp

Energizer Stamp

Fruit Stomper Stamp

Smoothie Warrior Stamp

Smoothie Survivor Stamp

Smoothie Zing Stamp

Fruit Smasher Stamp

Smoothie Master Stamp

Smoothie Hero Stamp

System Defender Stamp

Ready For Duty Stamp

Garbage Disposal Stamp

Bug Overload Stamp

Strategic Sucess Stamp

Mono Mechanic Stamp

Master Mechanic Stamp

Herbert Attack Stamp

Klutzy Attack Stamp

Strategic Master Stamp

Tactical Ace Stamp

Test Bot Trio Stamp

Protobot Attack Stamp

Track Herbert Stamp

Thin Ice

1 Coin Bag Stamp

3 Coin Bags Stamp

6 Coin Bags Stamp

10 Coin Bags Stamp

Ice Bonus Stamp

Ice Trekker Stamp

All Coin Bags Stamp

Ice Master Stamp

Treasure Hunt

Gem Skills Stamp

Collector Stamp

In the Rough Stamp

Gem Expert Stamp

Gem Pro Stamp

Game Day

Red Win Stamp

Blue Win Stamp

Green Win Stamp

Yellow Win Stamp

Remote Upload Stamp

White Puffle Stamp

Conquer the Island Stamp

Puffle Paddle Stamp

Bean Balance Stamp

Collector Stamp

2 Vs. 2 Stamp

Sumo Smash Stamp

2 Vs. 2 Max Stamp

Goalie Stamp

Club Penguin Wall Furniture Items – Complete List

When you play Club Penguin, you might have noticed you can get a lot of different items for your room, but they are divided up into categories. One category in the furniture section is the walls, which contain different items such as mirrors or lights. Here is a complete list of different wall furniture items that you can get if you are playing Club Penguin.


Acoustic Guitar Shadow Box
Archer’s Window
Arm Chair
Astro Barrier Poster
Basketball Net
Bat Decal
Batty Garland
Black Puffle Picture
Black Puffle Poster
Black Widow Window
Blue Birdhouse
Blue CP Banner
Blue Curtain
Blue Paper Lantern
Blue Puffle Picture
Blue Puffle Poster
Brown Puffle Picture
Burgundy Curtains
Candy Garland
Captain’s Wheel
CFC Paper Chain
Cheeky Lantern
Christmas Ribbon
Christmas Wreath
Classical Record
Classroom Bell
Clover Garland
Coins For Change Banner
Concert Lights
Confetti Blaster
Corner Wall Cabinet
Country Record
Cozy Fireplace
Dangly Spider
Dart Board
Death Star (furniture)
Decrepit Chandelier
Disco Ball
Door Garland
Double Wall Cabinet
Double Wall Light
Dragon Flag
Dream Catcher
Earth (furniture)
Eighth Note
Electric Encore
Electric Guitar Shadow Box
Fairy Woods Flag
Festive Light
Fish Fossil
Floral Paper Screen
Fruit Vine
Full Moon
Fun Fungus
Gamma Gal Shadow Box
Garland of Sweets
Ghastly Window
Ghost Garland
Go Fluffies
Go Hot Sauce
Go Sharks
Go Space Squids
Green Banner
Green Birdhouse
Green Clover
Green Paper Lantern
Green Puffle Picture
Green Puffle Poster
Green Triangle Pennants
Grumpy Lantern
Hanging Algae
Hanging Basket
Hanging Moss
Hanging Torch
Happy Lantern
Happy Lantern Light
Holiday Bells
Holiday Lights (furniture)
Holiday Star Decoration
Holiday Tree Decoration
Holiday Wreath
Ice Cube Wreath
Icicle Lights
Icing Decorations
Iron Chandelier
Island Trinkets
Jack-O-Lantern Curtains
Jack-O-Lantern Garland
Jolly Roger Flag
JOX Pennant
Kingdom Flag
Laser Lights
Laughing Lantern
LCD Television
Leafy Window
Life Ring (furniture)
Medieval Banner
Mermaid Clock
Merry Walrus Garland
Mexican Blanket
Mini Pumpkin Lanterns
Mona Lisa
Monster Scoreboard
Moose Head
Moving Eye Painting
Mullet Fish
Multi-pane Window
Musical Motif
Neon Bat
Ogre Drapes
Ogre Puffle Head
OK Pennant
Open-Closed Sign
Orange Banner
Orange Puffle Picture
Orange Triangle Pennants
Ornate Mirror
Overhead Light
Party Banner
Penguin Band Poster
Penguin Mask
Peppy Stage Poster
Perched Puffle Statue
Pink Curtains
Pink Puffle Picture
Pink Puffle Poster
Pink Triangle Pennants
PNK Pennant
Pop Art Painting
Puffle Patio Lanterns
Pumpkin Lights
Purple Banner
Purple Paper Lantern
Purple Puffle Picture
Purple Puffle Poster
Quarter Note
Radiant Rocker
Rainbow with Pot O’ Gold
Red CP Banner
Red Paper Lantern
Red Puffle Picture
Red Triangle Pennants
Refreshing Curtain
Regal Drapes
Rock N’ Roll Record
Rockhopper Portrait
ROR Pennant
Scary Lantern Light
Score Board
Scorn Flag
Scroll-down Map
Sea Streamers
Security Camera
Shadow Guy Shadow Box
Ship In A Bottle
Show Lights
Single Wall Light
Ski Rack
Sky Flag
Snappy Shark
Snowboard Rack
Space Stage Poster
Spider Web
Starry Night Painting
Starship Panel
Sunset Painting
Superhero Stage Poster
Supernova Shadow Box
Swinging Vines
Tate Stage Poster
Terracotta Sun
Terrifying Tissue Ghost
Thatched Awning
Thin Ice Poster
Treble Clef
Upper Cabinets
Village Flag
Wall Bats
Wall Cabinet
Wall Chalkboard
Wall Clock
Wall Gecko
Wall Ghosts
Wall Map
Wall Net
Wall Pumpkin
Wall Sconce
Wall Snowflake
Wall Speaker
Wall Torch
Wall Webbing
White Board
White Puffle Picture
White Puffle Poster
Window Basket
Wispy Clouds
Wizard Flag
Wood Stove
Ye Olde Blue Banner
Ye Olde Red Banner
Ye Olde Yellow Banner
Yellow CP Banner
Yellow Paper Lantern
Yellow Puffle Picture
Yellow Puffle Poster
Zeus Stage Poster

Club Penguin Igloos and Locations List

There are a lot of different Igloos you can get if you are playing the Club Penguin game, some of which are bought if you are a member, while other igloos are free to non-members. If you are not a member, you can only get a basic igloo, but members have access to the more stylish and unique igloos, which all hold furniture and clothing items. If you play Club Penguin, here are a list of the igloos available, as well as the ID code and the cost associated with each type of igloo.


Basic Igloo 1 Free or 1500 coins
Candy Igloo 2 1500 coins
Deluxe Blue Igloo 3 4000 coins
Deluxe Candy Igloo 4 4000 coins
Secret Stone Igloo 5 1500 coins
Snow Igloo 6 1000 coins
Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo 7 (old), 8 (new) 5000 coins
Deluxe Snow Igloo 9 3000 coins
Bamboo Hut 10 3200 coins
Log Cabin 11 4100 coins
Gym 12 4800 coins
Split Level Igloo 13 4600 coins
Candy Split Level Igloo 14 4600 coins
Snowglobe Igloo 15 3700 coins
Ice Castle 16 2400 coins
Split Level Snow Igloo 17 4600 coins
Fish Bowl 18 2400 coins
Tent 19 2700 coins
Jack O’ Lantern 20 2700 coins
Backyard Igloo 21 4200 coins
Pink Ice Palace 22 2400 coins
Pirate Ship Igloo 23 4300 coins
Dojo Igloo 24 1300 coins
Gingerbread House 25 2100 coins
Restaurant Igloo 26 4800 coins
Tree House Igloo 27 4500 coins
Theatre Igloo 28 4600 coins
Circus Tent 29 700 tickets
Snowy Backyard Igloo 30 3500 coins
Cave Igloo 31 1500 coins
Green Clover Igloo 32 2050 coins
Grey Ice Castle 33 2400 coins
Cozy Cottage 35 2500 coins
Estate Igloo 36 2500 coins
In Half Igloo 37 2300 coins
Shadowy Keep 38 2400 coins
Dragon’s Lair 39 3000 coins
Mermaid Cove 40 3030 coins
Whale’s Mouth 41 2700 coins
Trick-or-Treat Igloo 42 2000 coins
Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo 43 Free
Default Location 45 Free
Beach Location 46 2800 coins
Forest Location 47 2700 coins
Mountain Location 48 2700 coins
Shipwreck Igloo 49 900 coins
Wildlife Den 50 900 coins
Medieval Manor 51 1200 coins
Warehouse 52 950 coins
Pineapple Igloo 53 Unlockable
Creepy Cavern 54 1500 coins
Frost Bite Palace 55 Free
Fresh Baked Gingerbread House 56 2500 coins
Penthouse 57 4000 coins
VIP Penthouse 58 N/A
Age Of Dinosaurs 59 Free
Puffle Tree Fort 60 Unlockable
Secret Base 61 1600 coins
Death Star Igloo 62 1000 coins
Beach Party Igloo 63 1500 coins (only in Club Penguin App)
Gymnasium Igloo 64 Unlockable
Magical Hideout Igloo 65 1500 coins
Eerie Castle 66 2000 coins
Train Station Igloo 67 1100 coins
Sweet Swirl Igloo 68 Free
Main Event Igloo 69 1000 coins
CP Airliner 70 1,200 coins
Puffle Tree House 71 1,500 coins
Distant Planet Location 72 1,800 coins
Space Dome Igloo 73 2,000 coins
Soccer Pitch Location 74 1,800 coins
Tour Bus Igloo 75 1,800 coins
Ice Palace Igloo 76 Free
Sharks Gym 77 1,500 coins
Schoolhouse Igloo 78 Free
Ghostly Cavern Igloo 79 1,800 coins
Undersea Location 80 1,800 coins
Merry Walrus Iceberg Location 81 Currently Unavailable
Ezra’s Hideout Igloo 82 1,800 coins
Starship Igloo 83 Free
Talent Show Stage 84 1,500 coins