Club Penguin Item Adder – Working Hack Tool

If you are looking for a working club penguin item adder cheat tool you’ve come to the right place. Our club penguin item adder is the only download and no download (online application) that allows you to add any rare or exclusive item to your club penguin account and igloo.

We have two options for adding items to your account.

1) You can choose from the drop-down menu of pre-loaded items we hard coded into the item adder. We have lists of both member and non-member items. We even have a dropdown of beta only items from the original launch of club penguin (if you are going to wear any of these don’t go to a party or something haha, it’s a pretty quick way to get your account reported)

2) You can enter the item id number for any club penguin item including furniture, clothes, pins, backgrounds ect. Note: If you don’t know how to find the id number for a specific club penguin item then read our guide available on this website.

To use the item adder enter your username and password (we do not store usernames or passwords on our server) and then either fill out the item ID field with the item id number or use our pre-loaded item dropdown box to choose from over 1200 different club penguin items including furniture, clothes, pins, backgrounds, and more!


Update for 2015:

We removed the online version of the tool because it’s too easy for club penguin to block the software.  When a bunch of users are all trying to use the item adder at the same time it’s pretty obvious that it’s a hack tool since all the accounts are connecting from the same location.  So now we only have the download version available, that way every time you use it you are the only one trying to connect from one location. This way it looks completely natural and doesn’t set off any red flags.

Hopefully everyone understands, we just don’t want any of our users getting banned. Also the download version is 100% safe and virus free as we built it ourselves. Even better is the fact that the download version works almost twice as fast as the online version and you can use it even when your internet connection is slow.

Tips for using the best item adder for club penguin:

1) Try not to abuse the tool. A quick way to draw attention to yourself is to add hundreds of items to your account in a short period of time.

2) Do not, I repeat do not use the tool on a brand new account.  New accounts have to go through an approval process and each account is manually reviewed.  This will cause your account to be unapproved and will just draw more attention to our item adder, making more work for our team as we’ll have to re-work the code if it gets patched by Club Penguin.

3) Don’t use other 3rd party item adders. Seriously most of hte club penguin hack tools out there are built by people who don’t know what they are doing.  They don’t setup security features like our proxy rotators and ip spoofers so it’s easy for club penguin to see who is using the cheats software and ban the account. If you have used these accounts and you noticed that your password has been changed or your account has been banned that’s why.  Disney is a pretty big company if you haven’t realized that and they have a lot of safeguards in place to stop cheats like these from happening on their servers. So if you are going to use a CP item adder be smart about it and use the safest club penguin cheat tool.

While we have never had anyone banned for using our club penguin item adder, we can’t make any guarantees.  To minimize your risk we recommend you only add 10-20 items to your account per day.  Obviously a lot of users do more than than but the easiest way for your club penguin account to get flagged would be by adding 1000’s of items to your account which is obviously not possible without an item adder cheat.  So if you want to be safe just make sure that you don’t overdue it. We have also heard that it’s best to only wear items that were released after your penguin was created, however we personally have used items that are from before our accounts and not had any issues.

That said we are always making updates to the CP item adder to make it more undetectable and better from a safety standpoint. Sidenote: If you want to get a free membership without having to use the hack tool you can click here. In the last couple months alone we’ve added proxy rotators, ip spoofers (make it look like the tool is coming from a different location then where you login to your account so that you’re login ip doesn’t get flagged) ect. If you have any questions about our security measures leave us a comment or shoot us an email.